The Hormone Story

dscn3914I’m sure the title of this post either got you rolling your eyes or thinking “ugh!” My name is Chantel, I have been a stylist for 10 years and I am the owner of Design Inc. Nice to meet you! I thought I would take a moment to share with you a tid bit on hormones and how they effect our hair. We all have them hormones. We are all currently experiencing a different journey than one another but at the end of the day I think we can all arrive at the same conclusion. Hormones suck. They can be fabulous but majority of the time they reek havoc on our energy, skin, emotions and even our health. Over the span of my career I have seen several of my guests go through big hormonal changes. They have gone through puberty, had babies, struck menopause and even been diagnosed with the occasional thing or two. All of these big hormonal changes have put a toll on these guests and their experiences were all different. So what does this tell me? Well, hair is a story of what your body has experienced. It is a physical timeline that your body outputs as a type of waste. So what I make of this is that everyone’s hair is likely responding uniquely also. Hair color, styling and even how it grows. How many of you have experienced a textural change in your hair at one point in your life? πŸ™‹πŸΌ I have! On my guests I have seen straight hair go curly, color go darker and of course go grey too! I have had guests hair even take color differently than it had before the hormonal change. Talk about difficult!
I recently had a baby and my hair had a bit of a journey too. When I got pregnant my hair went incredibly frizzy and very dry. As my pregnancy went along my hair of course got very healthy, grew fast and was super thick. We have all heard about great pregnancy hair right? And then about two months after my baby, I went to get my hair done and I noticed that I had this terrible outgrowth line. My hair was all natural except a few minor highlights but this looked like I had colored my whole head a dark color around the time I had my son. Weird. It was also annoying because so had worked so hard to grow out my natural color. So basically I was starting from scratch! The girls at the shop ended up blending out the line for me which was fabulous!
So how do we survive these crazy changes? The answer is simple. Product. My guests know that I only vouch for products when I truly believe in them for a specific purpose. When our hair changes this dramatically we need to start over. We need to be reassessed entirely. I recommend getting a professionals opinion rather than figuring it out yourself, often salons have a try it out policy. At our shop, guests have 30 days to try it out and can exchange it for something else if it’s not right. The reason we do this is because sometimes it takes two or three before finding the right one. For me, my hair was always really thin and floppy. When my hair got frizzy I could no longer use KMS California sea salt spray and Goldwell structure me spray to increase texture. I started just using deep conditioners and leave ins. I have never been a fan of sleek hair but I definitely needed help! Also when your hair changes, expect your color appointments to be different until the stylist gets used to the way your hair now behaves. Essentially your hair is a new client!
My product recommendations:
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Hair loss – DS Labs Revita Shampoo
Frizz – KMS California Moist Repair Leave In Spray or Tame Frizz Smoothing Lotion
Greasy – KMS California Clarifying Shampoo and Goldwell Kerasilk Dry Shampoo
Dry Scalp – KMS California Moist Repair Conditioner
Grey – either enhance it with color or embrace it but get a professional to help! No one likes skunk lines.
Until next time my friends, Chantel.