Gym Hair Days

So your going to the gym and you have to wash your hair because you got sweaty. What do you take with you? How do you style your hair?

One of our stylists Jessica goes to the gym several times per week and so we asked her a few questions to help all of you with your gym hair!

1-How do you style your hair on gym days to the gym, any tips or tricks?

I wear my hair in a ponytail or loose twisted bun to avoid tension breakage?

2-Why do you bring your own dryer?

I don’t use the gym dryer because it’s old technology and a lot of new dryers have technology in it to help prevent damage.

3- Which products do you use and why?

If I haven’t sweat a lot I use the two in one conditioning cleanser from Goldwell to feel fresh and clean. I use the Goldwell De-Frizz Oil because it does a lot for one product including heat protection, anti-humidity and helps fight the frizz. Of course I also need to use my color protection shampoo and conditioner (they come in travel size) and my leave in  conditioner for extra detangling and conditioning.

Happy Gym Days Friends!