The time has come for us to change our way of thinking. Why have we been charging 30-50% more for “Women’s” haircuts? HAIR KNOWS NO GENDER.

Image from @hairjunkiesalon

Effective this week we have neutralized our price list. Haircuts will be charged according to time, length and detail needed. Some guests will now see a considerable about of savings at their appointments.

You may ask “why would you start charging less for your haircut services?” and our answer is simple. EQUALITY. We are working towards becoming an inclusive and educated place that is safe for all humans. Regardless of how anyone prefers to live in private or public, how they choose to identify as a human or what they look like, we are no longer going to discriminate them by charging more.

Our price list now looks like this:

A Very Short Haircut $20-49

A Haircut $40-57

Check out this article HERE for another salon’s story in Ottawa.

We cant wait to see you and tell you more of our recent news.