Sustainable Initiatives

On Thursday Feb 1 we announced at our palm SPRING party some exciting news in regards to our new initiatives. For those of you who couldn’t make it we wanted to take the time to catch you up.

At the event, I (Chantel) shared a little bit about my journey. You may know that last year my father passed away suddenly. He and I were very close and I have struggled greatly with my loss. Grief is a big process. It makes you second guess everything you have ever known. I have found myself feeling emotions I have never experienced before and reflecting on my life with a different perspective. I started to ask myself what was happiness? I spent time discussing it with my friends and family, observing, taking it all in and researching. I also was spending alot of time looking at my values and how my choices and actions weren’t aligned with my values. Ultimately I needed to make some changes. Here is what I learned about happiness:

HAPPINESS is a state of being. It takes an incredible amount of practice, mindfulness and hard work.

I believe there are three principles that nurture happiness:

  1. slowing down and savoring life

  2. making choices that reflect your values (and feeling good about them)

  3. the connections we have to people in our life

When I took a look at my life I realized several things:

  • I was not making choices because I wanted to but rather because I thought I had to.

  • My life was incredible busy, filled with nonsense and shenanigans that did not add value.

  • I was comparing myself to people who appeared to be “living.”

  • The people in my life were not getting my 100% efforts.

  • My values were not present in my everyday choices and actions.

I think everything came to a crashing halt when after 5 months of Jessica and I working in the salon just the two of us, she injured herself. I was doing all the clients I could by myself for about 3-4 weeks while juggling my one year old, a business, my second job as an Educator, my mental health while grieving… and list goes on and on. So Jessica and I sat down and had a heart to heart. We took a look at our values and how we could incorporate them into the business and in turn hire some helping hands. We wanted to be sure we knew who we were as a brand so we could find the right people. This was the first time I took a hard look at what my values really were.

Health & Wellness . Family & Slow Living. Nature & Our Global Footprint

Yikes! Those are some big values which ultimately turned into life goals. So what did this really mean? Well, here we are 6 months later and I am still working on making the appropriate changes. I know it will be a life long journey. At home we have established some guidelines for waste and recycling, I resigned as an educator with Goldwell and KMS to free up time to slow down and heal my heart, and I have so much more to work on. I have decided to personally invest more time in my business as well as the people in my life rather than exhaust my efforts in fundraisers. Thanks to my husband for challenging me with my focus, I really needed that insight. I thoroughly enjoy helping others and there is something to be said for simplicity. I think everyone can agree that we never have enough time to catch up with friends or be there for someone who could really use our support. Giving back to our community has always been and will continue to be very important to me but my friends and family are also. Its safe to say that my grief has broken me and that the pieces don’t fit back together the same way. Redefining myself is healthy and it influences everything I do, including my business.

By definition (my own summary) a hairdresser is someone who’s occupation is to maintain a persons image. I googled it. This may be what a hairdresser physically does while a guests sits in their chair but don’t you think a hairdresser is much more than that? Good hair can be found anywhere now a days, its so readily available at our fingertips. Many salons are becoming incredibly competitive and stylists recognize the importance of being educated and well practiced. However, when we take hair out of the picture for a moment. Isn’t seeing a hairdresser so much more than good hair? Its about the experience, the connection, the inspiration and so on. I know when a guest sees me for a haircut they are leaving with a feeling too.

Chantel Funk Design Inc. has grown a ton in the 5 years we have been open. Its time we start to own who we are as a brand, as a business and as a link in our community. My commitment to the community is to be a resource for learning how to slow down, savor life, and help you make small changes in your life that align with your values by creating new choices for you. We will be offering new products in the shop that promote sustainability, are ethical and locally sourced when possible. You will also see more blog posts and events coming from us as we travel this journey together to take care of ourselves, our family and our earth. We want to connect with you.

Its not about being the best, its not about being right, its about happiness.


Some new products at the shop include:

  • Beeswrap – Sustainable food storage
  • Davines – Natural and sustainable hair products
  • Uniform Handmade – Local, ethical and minimalist wardrobe clothing
  • K’Pure Naturals – Skin and body care
  • SpaRitual – Vegan Nailpolish
  • Salt Spring Seed Company – Organic Heritage Heirloom Seeds and Books
  • Macrame – Handmade by Salina Salter