Natural Beauty

We have welcomed a new hair product line into our family called Davines. We are super excited to have such a sustainable and ethical brand on our shelf. The products are incredible and they have a noticeable different effect on the hair. We carry a large selection of their sublines including the Essential Haircare, More Inside which is styling products and the OI. All of the products are sulphate and paraben free, they have been created with respect to the environment and they are involved in the protection of biodiversity. They have even gone as far as being certified zero impact on the earth. All very cool stuff.

Find out more about their sustainable manifesto here. And I invite you to explore their values and concepts as a brand. The more we use this line the more we fall in love with it. Its very important to us to be able to recommend a brand that is transparent, aligns with our values as a business and as humans.

We would love for you to experience these products and to share with you more information about why we love them. Come for a visit, see you soon!


Images by Sarah Dawn Photography