Reduce Reuse Recycle

We have heard this saying for ages but did you know recycling and waste reduction has been practiced since the fourth century? This practice was started when resources became scarce or hard to find. It all seems like common sense. Eventually all our natural resources would run out if we weren’t conscious about it. What a terrible thing that would be, really.

In modern times we have a lot of new options to implement into our households and practices. First we should take a look at the hierarchy of waste to see what the basic ideas stem from.

Let’s talk for a moment about prevention and minimization. To live is to consume, we have to use products or materials to meet basic human needs. I am pretty sure you can all agree that we won’t be using leaves and a hole in the ground when we know a toilet is an affordable option and readily available in modern times, right? Let’s keep in mind that only 68% of the world even have access to proper sanitation facilities. Check out this report for an eye opening read CLICK HERE.

So what does prevention look like? If you don’t need it, don’t buy it, don’t use it and do not discard it. If you do already own it, use it to the absolute maximum ability.

Back in pioneer days a piece of good Sunday clothing was used until it was eventually disintegrated and could be composted back into the earth. It’s life cycle was incredible and reduced the need for so many various household products and personal goods such as cloths, baby clothes and even sanitary napkins. In the 20th century consumerism became the focus through radios, televisions and a flood of advertising. With the overproduction of goods there became an emphasis on consumption and convenience became the platform that most marketing stood on. What you had defined your status. Today however I believe we have all come to realize enough is enough.

Now a days when a senior comes to the end of their days and we say our final goodbyes we are given the responsibility of taking care of their things. Majority of people have an excess of things that they hardly used let alone needed. It is an overwhelming task that a lot of family are given when a loved one passes. Now a days we are also overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. Work, cleaning, the gym and family, it’s a lot to juggle. Whatever the reason we are all taking a look at the heaps of crap we have and realizing how good it feels to purge before we drown in our things. Knowing how easily things are accumulated, are we making the conscious choice when we are at the store to buy less? Or are we still mindlessly shopping on impulse because it’s a good deal or looks yummy. Buying smarter, with more intention, wholesome goods and choosing quality items that will last makes a whole lot more sense.

Moving on, reusing is a great way to minimize waste. Things like Tupperware or Pyrex can substantially reduce our chance of grabbing a plastic bag. We have always had a lot of options readily available to us to help us minimize waste. I think a lot of us have become lazy. Being able to throw away our packaging cuts down on the time we spend cleaning those containers. I will be the first to admit that I love individually wrapped items because you can easily throw them in a lunch kit but time we start to change our ways.

Have you ever heard of that cute couple that says they love to hand wash the dishes each night? That it is the only time they get together where they can just be, without any pressures of the day creeping in? Slowing down and taking the time to do simple tasks with love can create mental clarity and bring fulfillment. Maybe slowing down for you is simply reusing food storage containers. You will feel better about your choice and it only takes a few small changes to make a big difference.

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Interesting Recycling Facts:

The only way you can recycle plastic bags is to take them to the nearest recycling center.

Recyclables do not need to be sorted, but they do need to be clean and dry and placed in a transparent blue bag for collection.

Save yourself some time and keep those labels on. The same thing goes for staples and other metal material on paper and cardboard.

Many people assume only white paper can be recycled, but any type of paper can be recycled. This includes paper plates and paper bags, however the exception is paper with some kind of coating. Just remember, if you can tear it, you can recycle it.

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I hope this post is useful and helpful on your journey to waste free living. Follow our blog for more articles like this.