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Photo by Aleks Sharpe Imagery

Step By Step
I started by washing my hair with NouNou shampoo and conditioner and then let my hair towel dry. Once gently brushed through with my wet brush I apply Oi Oil all throughout and Moisturizing Relaxing Fluid mainly around my hair line and part line and the remains on my ends.
I always rough dry my hair with the blow dryer to an parts that are still super wet. My first section is just above my ears and when I blow dry I make sure my brush has tension, not pulling on knots, but you can still feel a slight pull, and aim the blow dryer down. If you point the blow dry from ends to roots you’ll cause MAJOR frizz. I go around this whole section burying root to ends keep the nozzle down and once all dry I go over with a cool shot. 

This will help set your hair. My next section is eyebrow level and I do the same drying process. Final section I let it all down. I always finish with a cool shot from the blow dryer.

I turn my flat iron up to 370 and section just above my ears again. The key to a super smooth straight style is small sections and leading your flat iron with a comb. Combing the hair before you pass the iron over it will ensure you aren’t passing over knots. If you take too big of a section your essentially missing the middle layers of the strand which will stay frizzy. Also, you should only need to pass over the strand you’re straightening once, a nice slow even pass will give you better results than three fast passes. If I need to pass over again I make sure to only go over where it NEEDS. I repeat these steps up my head and end it with a little more Oi Oil!

Pro tips:
If you’re someone who has notoriously frizzy hair the Love Smoothing line will be your BEST FRIEND. 
frizzy hair is basically dry hair, it needs moisture so the more moisture you can pack in the better. But please make sure your hair is FULLY dry before you flat iron or apply hot tools as you can cause unnecessary damage.


Photo by Aleks Sharpe Imagery

Fly always are the worst, so to combat them grab your fave hair spray, mines the Strong Hold by Davines, and hold it about 6 inches away from the fly-aways, spray, and then use the side of the bottle to flatten them down. Works like a charm!

-Ali McKitrick

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