Owner + Entrepreneur . Artist . Mentor . Advocate . Coach

“Chantel Funk is an accomplished stylist, business women, mother, wife and friend. She runs her business the way she lives her life: with integrity and grace. Chantel is dependable and fair in all her dealings and will fight for what she believes is right.” – Ronel

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BIO – Chantel has a very interesting life that has been full of challenges and accomplishments that have led her to where she is today and the women she has become.

Chantel graduated highschool with honors and a participant in AP Art. She contemplated attending Emily Carr University but decided to take up Hairdressing at Utopia Academy. She has a long history of painting and drawing but hair came very naturally to her. After graduating hair school Chantel worked at a local walk by hair shop in a mall for 5 years before opening her own shop on Clearbrook in 2012. She also worked as an educator for KMS California and Goldwell Canada for 6 years travelling all over Canada for training and facilitating classes. During this season Chantel won a bronze in a Canadian Goldwell Color Photo competition in the Partner Category.
Chantel married the love of her life at 22, had a son in 2016 and a daughter in 2019 and has recently celebrated her ten year wedding anniversary with her husband. She is addicted to running, self discovery and believes in hard work.
A turning point in Chantel’s life was the loss of her father in January 2017. He was a pillar and delicately intertwined in all areas of her life. Chantel started a journey of self discovery, exploring cleaner products and a healthier lifestyle. As time went on her business and her life evolved to reflect these new choices. In fall 2019 her son was diagnosed with X-Linked Adrenaleukodystrophy and Adrenal Insufficiency, another monumental pivot for her. However the journey pior to the diagnosis had been long and hard as an advocate for her sons health. The following month she was diagnosed with X-Linked ALD in the adult form (Adrenolmyleneuropathy) and took a leave of absense from behind the chair to reevaluate herself and come back stronger and with a clearer objective. With hard work and motivation Chantel has found a way to stay positive and be healthy so she can serve her community.
Then Covid shut down the physical shop for yet another life pivot.
Chantel will be the first to tell you that it takes a clear understanding of who you are and where you are going to be able to maintain your strength and integrity when life continues to send waves your direction and a solid tribe of people to keep you laughing. She is focused on bringing her expertise to our community by sharing her experiences in workshops and also educating other stylists within their career. 


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