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 Chantel – In Your Corner

“Chantel Funk is an accomplished stylist, business women, mother, wife and friend. She runs her business the way she lives her life: with integrity and grace. Chantel is dependable and fair in all her dealings and will fight for what she believes is right.” – Ronel

Chantel has over 16 years experience in the hair industry. She was a Goldwell Technical Associate and KMS Trainer for KAO Canada for several years before starting with private coaching and education. She has been a salon owner since 2012 with a team as large as 10 people. Chantel has a unique background with a variety of challenging life experiences but always rises from the hardship with a positive outlook. She is inspiring, insightful, encouraging and sure to help you in any area of life.

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Coaching Sessions Include:

  • Goal planning
  • Exploring limiting beliefs and how to change your mindset
  • Confidence building
  • Personal development mapping

Coaching sessions can be for any profession or life circumstances. Chantel is eager to support others in their journey and discover their inner confidence.

Hair Education Classes Available For Groups or Individual Training:

  • The Art of a Good Cut – Learn about art design, drape, function, texture, and how to create custom elements in a cut. Included are two full cut demonstrations, fringe design, and you will be sure to walk away with your brain full.
  • Confidence Behind the Chair -Learn about brand, limiting beliefs, set boundaries, know your value and find happiness in the everyday. This is an incredible class that will be sure to help you charge what you are worth and attract the ideal client type to your business. 2 hour class, includes hand out and open discussion.
  • Vivids 101 – Explore what a vivid colorist is, who a vivid client is and how to expand your clientele with vivid work. Learn creative techniques and formulas. This is a 2 hour class that includes a hand out and product recommendations.
  • Upstyling Foundations – Learn Chantel’s fail proof system for creative and stylish editorial or bridal hair styles. This class utilizes a very simple and foundational system that will set you up for success and confidence. 2 hour class, includes hand out, demonstration, and product suggestions.

Business and Career Classes:

  • The Client Experience – Create a deeply loyal clientele by great experiences and customer service and increase your revenue stream. This is a two hour class, includes hand out and open discussion and planning.
  • Culture Creation and Team Building – This is a customizable program for each session but focuses on mission statement, values, communication, limiting beliefs, confidence and more. This program is designed to bring to life your vision for your business through your systems, client experience, branding and marketing from the core of your values.
  • Branding and Social Media – Designed to walk you through the beginning of your personal and professional development, who you are and what that means for the work you do, all the way to a roadmap for social media.

Chantel is always willing to work with you to create a custom program to meet your needs. Her specialty is creative and effective coloring, cut design, personal/professional development, branding and marketing.

“I have had the honor of taking multiple classes from Chantel, had work experience with her team, and now am part of that team. Over the last 8 months of knowing Chantel I have learned so much from her. She is full of so much knowledge and is an amazing person and leader. She is the first leader I have had that I truly/fully respect. Your time and money won’t be wasted as you always learn something from Chantel.” – Tori

Sessions start at just $120/hr

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