Meal Planning with Jessica

Our rockstar Stylist and Salon Coordinator Jessica T. loves to be organized when it comes to eating healthy at home. Here are some tips and hacks to success.

” When its convenient you will be way more likely to eat healthy foods, than go for pre-made foods and snacks and take out.

– Loosely meal plan before going grocery shopping

– Wash all produce as soon as I get home

– Prep produce (cut veggies for snacking, make a big salad, cut veggies that don’t spoil quick)

– Make leftovers for lunches

– Pack food when going out

– Prep dinner when its convenient (morning or kid’s nap time)

– Freezer meals in individual portions

– Buy frozen fruit and veggies

– Quick freezer meals and snacks for kids

– Bake goods (muffins, bars, cookies etc)  ”

Jessica Temple