Where you have an exceptional hair experience. Our approach is different, we believe in you and what you are capable of. We believe that the foundation of feeling great is self care + good hair.


In every part of your appointment from the consultation to the finished product, we have built value into our service. Special touches such as our welcome package, hair subscriptions, and complimentary beverages ensure you feel well cared for. Our number one priority is your satisfaction in your experience paired with the satisfaction of your hair’s integrity and the overall look. We will set you up for success following the salon with prescribed home care that works for your lifestyle.


If you are new to us we will welcome you in for a consultation where we can get to know each other better and make a plan. Upon arrival you will be welcomed, asked to wash your hands, fill out our new client intake form and have a seat. In our consultation we will review your hair’s history, integrity, your goals and your desired budget. We will customize a plan not only for your first appointment but for the future. Sometimes we may need to perform a strand test or patch test on your hair or skin to ensure there are no surprises at your appointment. Upon agreement we will schedule your appointment and take a deposit if you are reserving a color time with one of our stylists.

During coloring appointments we offer complimentary bottled beverages and for full day sessions your lunch will be provided and we will take your order to arrive mid session.

All our products are premium quality and we take pride in our Davines and Loma home care being natural, organic, toxin-free. Only the best for our community.


Have questions about what your appointment will look like?