When you feel good, you are capable of anything.

Your hair is an extension of who you are and should make the right statement. It should feature your personality and frame your beautiful face.

Our Approach To Hair Design

Cut Design

A cut is created with five elements:

  • Design – the creation from start to finish.
  • Drape – how the hair hangs, the direction and distribution.
  • Function – the overall cut needs to suite your lifestyle, be easy for you to maintain and it simple has to work.
  • Texture – utilizing your natural hair texture and purposefully texturizing the cut to assist in the desired styling.
  • Custom Elements – having problem areas addressed with the appropriate techniques.


Color Design

We take a different approach to color. We believe the options are endless and customization is key. If you are coming in for a consult we appreciate inspiration images but we also believe in creating something new and unique to you. Lets be prepared, set expectations and get clear about the objectives!


We are a full service salon so every service is complete with wash and style.

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We want you to LOVE your hair.

Regardless of whether you’ve had the same look for years, or only it for a few weeks, you may be feeling like it’s time to make a change.

Meet our Branded Services.

Our branded services are in house design “templates” that all our stylists have been trained on. These templates create a roadmap for consistent results and clear expectations can be outlined before proceeding with the appointment. They are fully customizable to each guest and every stylist adds their own creative flare.

Are you ready to love your hair?

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