It takes a good group to make an incredible atmosphere and are lucky to have some amazing people in our space.

We are a collective of unique individuals who are genuine and authentic. We have a large range of experience and skill set with unique focuses of specialty. We continue to broaden our knowledge and understanding of hair types, color trends/applications and cut design. Our diversity and unique walks of life make us stronger as a team and able to serve our community. We are a safe space for all humans.

Chantel – Owner, Creative + Educational Director, Elite Masterstylist @chantel.funk
Chantel has been in the industry of hair for 17 years. She opened the shop in 2012 with the intention of helping people feel good about themselves. “Our job as hairdressers is more than just hair. If we take hair out of the equation there has to be more to be able to leave an impression on that guest. The best part of my job is knowing I can empower people, make them feel amazing and connect with them.” Chantel is the Creative and Educational Director for the team and strives to create a unique business. When she is not at the shop she is usually with her family or working on her next creation. FULL BIO HERE
Jessica – Elite Masterstylist + Mentor @jesstemple.hairstylist
Creating hair since 2009. Jessica is a nature enthusiast and loves to hike. She takes incredible photographs of sunrises and valley views. When she’s not in the salon making magic you will find her up a mountain or spending time with her family and friends. She is a blonde wizard and can sculpt an amazing haircut. Jessica has the most impeccable work ethic with great attention to detail. We can’t thank her enough for all the hours she has spent cleaning and supporting our team. Let’s just say that if there is a job someone really doesn’t want to do, she is the first to volunteer. Jessica’s specialty is Advanced Blonding Services, Color Correction, Precision Cuts, Bridal and Vivid Colors.
Ali – Operations Coordinator, Masterstylist + Mentor @hairbyali.m
She’s a true natural talent with an eye for detail. From the day she started as our receptionist she got right down to the bones of the shop and scrubbed her heart out. Our shop had never been so clean. She spent 6 months assisting and working alongside Chantel the Owner before taking her own clients on the floor. Ali is a Masterstylist who specializes in Blondes, Long Hair and Vivid Colors. She has grown her clientele and career very rapidly because of her devotion and desire to strive for excellence.  Ali is our Operations Coordinator and her role on the Management team is to coordinate all the moving parts at the shop from orders to salon systems. Ali is an equestrian vaulter which is essentially gymnastics on a moving horse and we just think its remarkable!!

A’lexy – Stylist @lexys.hairjourney

A’lexy spent six months apprenticing with Ali as well as training with Chantel. A’lexy is very thorough with all her tasks and is a quick learner. She asks loads of questions and strives to bring her best to every interaction. A’lexy is a Stylist who specializes in blondes, long hair and is an easy soul to get along with. She is incredibly helpful and we love having her on our team.

Jill – Senior Stylist @_jilldidmyhair

Jill is one of those people that just fits. She understands things quickly and always asks questions if she isn’t clear on the idea or instruction. Jill graduated from Legends Academy here in Abbotsford and is quickly growing her clientele. Jill is very detail oriented, organized and aims for her clients to love their hair. She specializes in Bridal and Blondes.

Tori – Stylist @torisellitto

Tori hit the ground running at school as the most requested student. She brings esthetic expertise to her education in the beauty industry. Tori is a quick learner and understands new ideas with little instruction. She will also be upfront and honest with you in a clear and direct way. She is great at the 90’s volume blowout and specializes in Blondes.

Artie – Senior Stylist @hairbyartie

Artie has been doing hair since 2020 and specializes in vivids and extensions. She is a part of our cut design team and excels at precision cuts. She hopes to be an educator one day and we are excited to be a part of her journey. Artie is the most authentically enthusiastic person you will ever meet. Shes the real deal.

Kim – Junior Stylist @hair.bykimbrew

Kim has been in the hair industry since March 1st 2021. She attended school at Blanche Macdonald and completed advanced training at The Refinery House in Chilliwack. She comes from a background of makeup.
She is a dancer, a musician, and all around an artist. She loves to express herself in creative ways. We love Kim’s eager spirit and willingness to try new things with the right guidance. Kim is currently exploring her specialties but thrives cutting and styling long hair. If you are looking for something rad with your hair you can be sure to find it in her chair.

Natalie – Stylist @nk.designs_

Natalie has been in the hair industry since 2018. She graduated at the top of her class from the Abbotsford Trades program with a Level 1 certification in Hairdressing. She specializes with Blondes, Vivid Colour, haircuts. One thing she loves most about being a stylist is helping people feel more confident! She loves learning and is always seeking new opportunities to grow!

Melody – Stylist

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Izzy – Stylist @izstyless

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