At Chantel Funk + Co. we have developed a system for our stylists to set their pay as well as their menu prices. Along with this program we have developed a standard of excellence required for skill that also helps direct expectations from our guests. So how does it work? For the full description we recommend watching the video:

Stylist Tier System Breakdown:

Student or Apprentice Stylist – In school stylist who is taking a program outside of the salon. Has been foundationally trained in their program and is trained by our mentor team for branded services. Often these students are also apprenticing with our mentors as a part of our mentorship/apprenticeship program. These stylists will often ask for clarity and further training at all appointments.

Junior Stylist – Graduated from a formal education program for hair and trained on all branded services. Often our Junior stylists will continue to apprentice with our mentors as needed and to deepen their understanding and experience.

Stylist – Promoted from Junior Stylist because of their proficiency in skill with guests as well as their bookings are starting to fill up more and guests are repeatedly booking. These stylists are starting to get into rhythm and are becoming experts at the foundational services while exploring new skills and techniques.

Senior Stylist – Advanced understanding in techniques and skill. These stylists have continued their education outside of the salon as well as with our mentorship team and self guided. They are excelling with their clientele and proving to be more requested.

Masterstylist – This level is a hard one to hit. The biggest goal to hit is how booked the stylist needs to be. It can take several years to achieve a solid clientele but sometimes someone is just awesome and can hit this by the three year mark. On top of the booking goals this stylist must have a very solid skill set and extensive knowledge on color corrections. They must be fully proficient with all haircut lengths.

Elite Masterstylist – Other than being an expert at their craft they must also have 10 years of experience. This stylist is also booking several weeks out.

Do you have any questions for our team?

Do you have any questions?

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