Healthy Scalp

This week in our weekly email we talked about common scalp issues and how your scalp could also be showing you signs of distress. Let’s revisit and talk about treatments. COMMON SCALP ISSUES: -Hair Loss β€’ Hair loss can be a sign of underlying health conditions β€’ Hair follicle could require exfoliation from pollutants and … More Healthy Scalp


Nothing feels worse than being alone. Add a global pandemic and its a recipe for disaster. At Chantel Funk + Co. we connect more deeply with our guests and continue to build a community beyond the hair appointments. It’s our goal to not only empower you through self care and amazing hair but to inspire … More Community

Self Care

Ok ok, yes I talk about this a lot. I hear you. Here’s the thing, do you hear me? Are you tired? Feeling exhausted emotionally? Is your to do list piling up? How about upset about Christmas and Covid restrictions? All of the things we do every day require energy that has to come from … More Self Care

Goal Setting

Oh 2020, what a wild and wonderful year it has been. This past week I took some time to reflect on my vision board for 2020. I happened to make three of them throughout the year. The first one at the beginning of January as per usual but the other two were my refocus boards … More Goal Setting


I have had a love/hate relationship with sleep my whole life. As a “doer” I don’t like the idea of being still or spending time not creating or getting things done. Because sleep is essential to life, it will always be necessary. It wasn’t until this year that I realized sleep and I were actually … More Sleep

Time Management

Oh man, if there was a miracle magic potion to make more time in a day that would be incredible! I struggle with time management so much and I am sure you can relate! Gone are the days where I can spend the day doing literally anything I wanted without a concern in the world. … More Time Management