We are so glad you are here. We know seeing a hair stylist or barber can cause a lot of anxiety. We want to provide a place that is safe and comfortable for you while we earn your trust.

Our Why: During our journey of learning, and growing it was brought to our attention just how badly Trans folks have been treated by beauty and grooming professionals. It is not ok. We recognize how sensitive an appointment needs to be for those not yet transitioned. We also recognize that for those who have and are confident in who they are should be welcomed with the same energy from their stylist. This experience is not a one size fits all and requires openness, adaptability and compassion from a stylist. Hair care is a basic need that we want to be able to provide. How you want to present yourself is important to us.

Our Approach: We start with the basics such as washing, conditioning, brushing, scalp care, and basic shape. From there we build our plan together providing useful tools, tips and suggestions customized to you and your lifestyle.

Our How: You have found us and want to book an appointment. If you are new to us, referred to us or really for any reason you have found us we want to make this process as simple as possible. Request a consultation or haircut with one of our stylists. We highly recommend seeing the owner Chantel. She offers free first time haircuts when you mention this page. “I want to show you my commitment as your stylist how serious I am about your safety by removing barriers to come see me on your first visit. This is why it is free with me.” – Chantel Our stylists are trained with Transcare BC Online resources and are annually trained in person with Archway and other community resources.

Have questions? Want to book? Send us a message!