Have you ever been going through your life and then one day something totally bazaar happens? Or how about the most insane coincidence? This happens to me all the time. From nature events to witnessing accidents and everything in between. Sometimes even conversations can give me the sense strange likeness or even daja vu. Do you experience the same thing? I often wonder if these things happen to everyone else too or if I notice them because I am always observing and reflecting moment to moment. Do we as a society get to wrapped up in ourselves to create blinders to the world around us? When we take the time to reflect back on the moments leading up to something big it often appears as though the stars aligned perfectly just for the one thing to happen. I even find I can get a sentence from an acquaintance stuck in my head for months or even years. Are these things totally random or are they more than that?
Once upon a time in a far away land. Vancouver island to be specific, or I should say the further and almost most north of Vancouver island. My husband and I were basking in the sunshine along the coast on white sand when all of a sudden to hear a loud crack and then followed by a crash. Let’s just take a moment to acknowledge that we were on our honeymoon. A magical time where the world stopped and it was only him and I. We quickly stood up as we heard the crack and turned around to see the largest and oldest tree come barreling down to the ground. The earth shook. We looked at each other in shock and both said “did that just happen?” We went to where the tree had fallen and to our surprise there was absolutely no trace of it. Not a single splinter or bark or branches seemed to be visible where the tree would have laid. It was remarkable. I kid you not we still wonder to this day if we imagined it. Crazy. This isn’t the first time nature has showed up when my husband and I have been together. I have no idea what it could mean but I have absolutely taken note. Like this week for instance. A double (almost triple) rainbow during a walk we almost didn’t go on. It was just a mere moment and then it passed and it just happened to be during our walk. One of the few days of the week we have a chance to be together during the weekly business.
Magic is all around us. Magic can be described and defined however you like. It could be god, religion, spirits, angles, or even energy. All the things. It’s there and it is often calling to us. In an audiobook I listened to recently the idea of a guardian angel was discussed. The idea is that we have one that stays with us and guides us through our life. They constantly speak to us and show us through communication where we need to go. I found this interesting. The guide in this theory is said to be from the Devine. Their job to make sure what we are here for happens. If we do not listen to them the Devines plan will happen anyway. This concept made me take a step back and reflect. Have we become too focused on ourselves and our “good works” that we can’t recognize the face of said magic or Devine? We cannot hear the whisper amongst the business and more relevantly today’s heaviness. So many of us have lost our way just trying to keep our head afloat. Totally understandable. Even trying to stay focused on what we think to be our path or purpose has been hard in this season.
Again I ask you, do these moments (and many other varieties) happen to you? If they do and you just wrote them off as coincidence you better take a second reflection on them. Piecing things together isn’t always the objective. Sometimes it is just taking the plunge down a path you felt a subtle pull towards (and often every ounce in our body tries to prevent us from going that direction.) It’s said that everything happens for a reason. Maybe you don’t believe in that. I used to believe in coincidences and then I started paying attention. They became laughable at just how often they showed up. I started to live in the belief that the stars do align and there is a purpose and reason for everything even in the most devasting and horrendous seasons. These coincidences, the strangely familiar moments and bazaar acts of nature are more than that. This is magic, god, spirits, angels, energy, however you want to label it. It’s intentional and meant for you. No one else will get why that moment caught you off guard. No one else will see the moment at all. Not usually anyway. They are meant for you, your heart, your purpose.
If you are aimlessly living and find yourself having these moments listen up. The Devine (whatever that is for you) has spoken. CALL ME A WEIRDO I do not care. I believe in purpose and I believe in spirits who guide us. I believe there is a message for each one of us. A series of messages that are meant for us to listen. If a small part of your heart has felt drawn to something. DO IT. It could be the biggest chapter of your life. It could be the entire reason why your physical body and spirit came to be. The path you keep revisiting but not going down for many reasons (especially pain) might delightfully surprise you once you take the leap. I believe this to my core and have been rapidly exploring it. Anyone else curious what the Devine has in store for you? LEAVE A COMMENT
I highly recommend listening to Advanced Energy Anatomy by Caroline Myss on Audible. I find it engaging, exploratory and not offensive to any single faith denomination or otherwise.
– Chantel Funk
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