Oh man, if there was a miracle magic potion to make more time in a day that would be incredible! I struggle with time management so much and I am sure you can relate! Gone are the days where I can spend the day doing literally anything I wanted without a concern in the world. I remember dancing in my pajamas, drinking my 5th cup of coffee, playing hours of video games and binge watching tv while I painted or did some fun hobby craft. Like actually, I miss those days! That being said I wouldn’t trade today for what was then. I love my crazy hectic life even if it is a lot to manage. Now, in full transparency I am about 5 months behind on a project and my to do list is overdue… by like a few weeks. I won’t even mention how long it is ha ha. But regardless I wanted to share with you a few things I have learned that help me get the best bang for my buck time wise. Here are three pointers that will help make your life a wee bit easier to manage!

1- Touch something once. Always. This sounds generic but its words to live by. If you have a task to do don’t tend to part of it now and the rest later. Make a point of tending to it when you know you have enough time and don’t even look at it until then. This applies to everything, emails, organizing, scheduling, grocery shopping, seriously you name it. If you open an email and don’t respond right away, it will sit in your inbox for WEEKS until you get back to it. If you leave it unopened until you know you have time to read AND reply you will do it asap. It is more efficient and gets your to do list done without the procrastination.

2- Have separate spaces and areas for different things. As much as people push the idea of multitasking I believe it to be less fruitful. Now a days we are so easily distracted by anything and everything and it makes us much less productive. Put your office space away from your kitchen and out your phone out of sight when you are cooking. Seriously do not multitask. How many times have you been plugging away at your chores and then checked your phone to see if someone liked your post and in the blink of an eye TWENTY minutes is just gone. Never to be found again. Don’t do it friends.

3- Delegate tasks you don’t need to be doing yourself to those who want to help you. We often are so busy and focused on our own to do list we don’t see the people in our lives who are practically begging to help us because they see we are struggling and they have the time. It can be one of the most rewarding relationships to have when its mutually beneficial. One person feels connected and productive and the other feels less overwhelmed.

These three things have helped me immensely. Now we all just have to learn to say no to the things we really don’t want to be doing and be patient when new projects need to wait! Have an incredible week friends. I believe in you!

-Chantel Funk

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