Who doesn’t love a great ponytail? Sometimes we are expected to know the basics but not all of us have been shown how. Ponytails do not have to be difficult and we thought it would be fun if we are talked about all things ponytails. We have a video for you breaking down the steps to a simple ponytail as well as do’s and don’ts for a successful experience.

In this video Ali our Senior Stylist and Salon Coordinator/Mentor demonstrates how to create a sleek ponytail. Products Used:

This is a Dry Texturizer Spray

This is a Shine Wax

Bristle Brush

Bobby Pins

Hair Elastics

Ponytail Do’s and Don’ts:

-Do switch up where you wear your ponytail so you avoid breakage from over stressing the hair.

-Do use product to keep hair in place, to add grip and texture if needed and to make you feel more put together if desired.

-Do feel confident that a ponytail can be a professional and polished look and is a great option for day two or three hair.

-Do cover up your elastic for a more polished look.

-Don’t use elastics with intense grip if your hair is thinning or fragile. The grip will add more friction to your hair and will cause breakage. Instead use something like an invisibobble or scrunchie.

-Don’t tie your ponytail with wet or damp hair for two reasons

-wet or damp hair is able to stretch further so once the hair is dried in the ponytail (if you create one wet) will increase the friction substantially causing more damage.

-wet hair that is sitting on the scalp will promote bacteria and can cause scalp issues, as well if the hair strand stays damp it can promote vulnerability and in turn cause the hair strand to weaken.


We hope these tips were fun and inspiring, have a great week!

-Funk + Co. Team

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