Going to the hair salon and leaving with a fresh look is one of the most incredible feelings right? So how do stylists do it? We have a step by step system that is designed to work with how hair works. Hair has a series of bonds inside the hair that are influenced by different things such as water and heat. By utilizing these effects on the hair and pairing it with the right styling and products anyone can create hair that looks and feels great. Lets dig into how this works.

1- Washing your hair

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Washing your hair is as necessary for cleanliness as it is for the success of your hair style and the strength/quality of your hair. Hydrogen bonds inside the hair are reset by washing your hair. The hair’s fibers are held together by the side bonds which attribute to the elasticity and strength of hair. A hydrogen bond can easily be broken by water or heat, and is a physical side bond. Collectively, hydrogen bonds account for one-third of hair’s strength. If the Ph of your products that are used wet are not preserving your salt bonds (the second physical side bonds

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influenced by Ph), you can be causing harm to your hair at every wash. Tap water itself is 2+ values higher than the natural Ph of hair and skin and can be as high as 4-6 values higher. By resetting these bonds with water and using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair texture/type you will set your style up for success. Shampoo or conditioner that is damaging to your internal hair texture or strips your hair of nutrients rather than preserving and enhancing will contribute to your hairs damage and inability to style easily. Professional products are designed to care for your hair at a science level and preserve and enhance your hair.

Learn more about the structure of hair HERE.

2- Preparing your hair wet

Now that your hair bonds are reset and waiting to be set into place by drying your hair you want to make sure you have the right support products. These products that are applied wet will aid in the success of your desired look. You may desire to smooth the cuticle, maximize volume or even simply detangle. A stylist can help assess which products are right for you. Next you want to make a plan as to how you want your hair to dry. Remember this is 1/3-2/3 of your styling memory and how your hair dries will set the stage for any thermal styling. If you have frizzy natural texture but want your hair smooth and straight, it is essential to dry your hair and not let it air dry. If you have curly hair and want to utilize your natural texture you will want to make sure you comb your hair appropriately, apply the right products for your curl pattern and then use any techniques needed. Again a stylist can help create a plan for success with your desired look. Every part of this preparation will set the stage for styling success.

3- Drying your hair

Setting the hydrogen bonds in your hair means your stylist will last. The same things can be said if you have frizzy hair and you let it air dry without support, the frizz will be set that way and harder to tame with thermal styling. Drying your hair does not have to be complicated and for those who find air drying the best option to support your style are doing something right so don’t change it! If you decide blow drying is going to help your desired style result here are our tips:

  • Blowdry from root to ends which is in the direction of the cuticle. This reduces frizz and promotes shine, as well as maintains the integrity of the hair.
  • Use heat protection. Most wet styling products have enough protection for blow dryer heat.
  • Find the right tool for your desired look. Hands are great tools and can get the job done well but if you need more smoothness and frizz reduction a brush might get you better results.
  • Set your bonds with the cool shot button before completion. Since the bonds are effected by wet to dry AND hot to cold this will seal in the deal.
  • Make sure your hair is fully dry or your style will not hold as effectively.
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4- Thermal Styling

Having your hair fully dry and prepared for this step (if necessary for desired outcome) will make your results last longer. You will want to section your hair and use your tools with a designated pattern. Apply heat protection for thermal styling (protection against higher heat) with a product such as Heart of Glass Sheer Glaze.  Before allowing your hair strand to drop once heat is applied, clip or twist and allow it to cool.

Chat with your stylist about how to create the best style for your lifestyle and all the little tips along the way. They will suggest the right products to protect your hair and maximize your results.

Thank you so much for reading today, we wish you a happy week ahead!

-The Funk + Co. Team

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