Warm summer evenings, ice cold drinks, the smell of the campfire, it all inspires the desire for change within us. For some of us the desire is to vacation with our toes by the water. Another desire for change this time of year is for a new hairstyle. Changing your look doesn’t have to be a big transformation. Here are a few ideas on how you can make changes with your hair and refresh your spirit.

Face Framing Pieces

Adding some layers around your face or even a few shorter tendrils can give your face a new perspective. What we love about this is when you wear your hair up you can have more shape to play with around your face.

Color Glazing

Any color of existing color can have a glaze. A dark brown can have red or blue tone glazed overtop for a fresh new look that will slowly fade out. A blonde? Why not try a honey, strawberry or lavender glaze?

Hair Clips

We love the idea of accessorizing your hair for the summer. We love hats, scrunchies, braids and so much more. Even better with a great little hair clip to add some color. We have a great selection of these online and at the shop. SHOP NOW


Ask for a “tip out” at your next service. This is where the hair that is normally left out of being foiled is free hand balayaged to add extra lighteness and pop to your blonde! This can take a dimensional blonde look to the next level for sure.


Try having your hair undercut. Removing the bulky bits from your underneath nape area can cool you off for the summer as well as add a fun and playful element. The best part? in the fall it is easy to grow out without anyone noticing!

We wish you an amazing start to the summer feeling and of course let us know if you would like to have a personal suggestion just for you!

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