HOT TIP – easiest on wet hair, if you don’t want to do it wet product will make it that much easier.

Products  – I Recommend  Love smoothing shampoo and conditioner to help combat any frizz once dry Medium hold Pliable Paste so it stays put Dede Hair Mist or Oi All In One Milk in case your hair gets tangled like mine.

Step By Step – Pick a side to start from, if it’s your left, pass your left strand over the middle once then pass the right strand over the middle once before worrying about collecting hair.  Once you’ve done the two first passes without picking up hair then your next passes include hair, so we’ve done left over middle and right over middle and now we are back to the left, so drag your finger from the hairline back towards your braid and pick up that hair into your left strand making it all one and pass it over the middle strand. Then do the same with the right side.  Don’t worry if it’s messy, just remember, it’s a pattern left right left right or right left right left.

Pro tips:  whispy bits won’t stay in? First try and hair spray and brush the whispies back with your hand first while spraying then lay them flat with the bottle. If there’s too much hair that not even hair spray will help grab a couple bobby pins and pin where needed.  if trying to braid on yourself it might be easier to pass the pieces UNDER the middle strand instead of OVER. both ways are correct it just changes how visible the braid will be.  passing strands OVER the middle makes the braid “invisible”  passing strand UNDER the middle makes the braid “visible” also known as a Dutch Braid.

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