I am by no means a trainer or anything, but you have an questions or if you have any concerns about form, please reach out to me. I can also give you workouts that would be easier or harder if you are interested.
For this weeks workout we are going to work our whole body, starting with cardio, weight training and some
Grab some weights, resistant bands, soup cans, water bottles, whatever you can find.
Push yourself to get through as many round as you can. YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK! I believe in you. Use the suggested alternatives in you need.
For all exersizes, make sure they are slow and controlled and you are not swinging the wieght, but rather engaging the muscles you are using.
Do some dynamic stretching before to warm up your muscles and some stretching again after.

12 of each exersise.
Jumping jacks- Easier alternative- just step out one side at a time
Skaters- Step to side bringing alternate leg behind and out and touch foot or knee with opposite hand. Keep your chest up and looking forward (12 each side)
High knee taps- Kness straight up in front 90degrees (12 each leg)
Squat to press- Knees stay behind toes, back straight, chest proud, press straight up when coming to standing

Photo by Aleks Sharpe Imagery

Deadlight to up row- Chest forward, back straight, hinge from hips, knees stay back. Row- arms come straight up and out bringing weights into armpits
Lunge with curl- Kness at 90degrees, toes stay behind toe, bicep curl when down without swinging elbow (12 each side)
Bent over row- Hinge at hips, back straight, chest tall, bring weights into sides while squeezing shoulder blades and elbows together
Chest press with leg raise option- Wieghts go straight up above chest and back down to make 90degrees at elbow. Add leg raise for exra challenge, keep core tight and engaged and raise legs as your press up, also option to do alternating leg raise.
Russian twist- Hold weight just below chest with both hands and twist side to side, slow and engaged core. Easier- keep feet on ground, dont lean back as far, do without weight (12 each side)
Sit up crunch- Engage core and keep lowback on ground, lift from chest not neck lift shoulders off ground
Plank- Hold for as long as you can. Do from hands or elbows, knees or toes. Keep back straight and parallel to ground. Tighten and engage muscles.
Repeat 1-4 times


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