Making space for creative energy could sound like a completely foreign idea to you. Maybe you are not a creative person in your mind or maybe you are so creative you don’t need to carve out time for your energy to flow. Chances are you land somewhere in between which is just like me. There was a time I would have said I was a highly creative person because I made conscious creating a priority and it was a part of my daily life. Then I had kids and they started to dictate my schedule. I found myself often in a rut of just trying to survive and get the minimal done, keep the kids alive and do whatever was needed of me. Surviving felt like THE accomplishment but its no way to live. Yes stuff is majorly hard in seasons. Trust me I have been there. Yes, there are days where we get caught in the cycle of “survival mode” but it is not meant to last long term. Being stuck in survival mode or auto pilot is a sign that a person is needing support or to learn more about a skill or ability to find traction again in their life.  Making time for anything can feel like the most impossible thing. But let’s dive into why creative energy is important and why we need to tap into it.

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