Creative Energy

Making space for creative energy could sound like a completely foreign idea to you. Maybe you are not a creative person in your mind or maybe you are so creative you don’t need to carve out time for your energy to flow. Chances are you land somewhere in between which is just like me. There was a time I would have said I was a highly creative person because I made conscious creating a priority and it was a part of my daily life. Then I had kids and they started to dictate my schedule. I found myself often in a rut of just trying to survive and get the minimal done, keep the kids alive and do whatever was needed of me. Surviving felt like THE accomplishment but its no way to live. Yes stuff is majorly hard in seasons. Trust me I have been there. Yes, there are days where we get caught in the cycle of “survival mode” but it is not meant to last long term. Being stuck in survival mode or auto pilot is a sign that a person is needing support or to learn more about a skill or ability to find traction again in their life.  Making time for anything can feel like the most impossible thing. But let’s dive into why creative energy is important and why we need to tap into it.

The word create means to bring something into existence. We do this every day with every choice to make. We create a life. Creative energy can be around anything in your life. Not necessarily art or artistic endeavors but rather the idea of creating from inspiration within the context of our life. Yes that may mean art but it can also mean being inspired to create a new habit or change the furniture in your living room. Why is this so important? Most humans go through life without conscious awareness of the world they have created. They don’t realize they have created everything around them. Creative energy is often blocked and it causes us to feel stuck in a life that is “happening to us.” Whatever it is that you want to create in your life, you need to spend time there daily and be inspired as well as to learn how to strengthen the areas you feel you struggle with. Surround yourself with people, things and resources that feed your soul. 

Let me be super clear. If you are in a super hard season this blog post is not about saying “you are not enough” or that survival mode is not okay. I am not saying that you have to do better to be good. What I am saying is that when we make space for creative energy we will be able to create a life we want. We can pull ourselves out of the hard times and into season in life that is more fruitful. Life is ebb and flow. There needs to be space for both pain and joy to life simultaneously together. We cannot predict what that looks like or what the journey will be. Being stuck however is not something anyone wants. Finding contentment and satisfaction is something everyone strives for. So again, you don’t need to be perfect or even aim for perfection. You do however need to make space for your creative energy to flow if you want to find traction and move forward in your life.

Tips that helped me:

1- Find peace. I would typically have chosen the work “acceptance” prior to this year of my life but there are a lot of things we can choose to not accept and still find peace. When we can find peace with the things we do not choose or the things that are really hard for what they are we can move our energy into creating. When we are mentally and emotionally anchored to our past and the pain associated with it we are unable to move forward. Energy does not flow. Lets call peace (real inner peace) with the hard things passing a kidney stone. Now this is not something I have done but one of my dear friends and colleagues has had a rough time with stones and witnessing the journey has been very insightful. When we have a blockage nothing works properly, in fact it takes no time at all for bacteria (lets call this toxic energy) to grow and multiply. When a kidney stone or blockage refuses to pass a person can end up with a serious infection throughout their entire body and without treatment can become fatal. Just like life. If we refuse to deal with the past and make peace (again I don’t believe we have to accept these things necessarily) they will eventually be to our demise. Toxic energy just like bacteria grows and festers. Let’s choose where we spend our energy rather than having none because it is consumed by pain. If you cannot get there on your own (bravo if you have been able to, I was not) I highly recommend seeing a therapist, surrounding yourself with the healthy supporting people you know and making sure you outsource information and feedback.

2- Visualization and Reflection. You have a vision of what you want for your life? Maybe it isn’t fancy. Put it on a vision board, pin it to pinterest, post images around your house of what that life looks like. Make sure there are constant visual reminders everyday. Make pause and reflect on what your goals feel like, what you wear, how it smells and get really specific.

3- Purge your life. Purge everything that spends your energy for you. Purge anything that doesn’t serve the energy you need. Listen, there was a season of my life I needed to put away every photo of my late father. He meant the world to me and thus far has been my greatest life loss and journey turning point. I think of him everyday and miss him immensely but there was a season where the sadness was so overbearing all I could do was minimize the reminders of that loss to focus on building new memories and living in the present. It felt so odd but it was exactly what I needed. Now, for people and responsibilities, minimize. Minimize. Minimize. No room for BS. Period.

I hope you enjoyed what you read and thank you for listening to my heart. If you are inspired please share with your friends,