We often get stuck in the routine of wearing our hair the same way every day. It’s up and in a bun or down and air dried. Some of us still do the full routine of wash, blowdry and thermal style every day for work because they want to look polished and professional. It’s important for self care and confidence to be putting yourself together every day but it doesn’t have to be complex. We have put together a few easy styles for you to try at home. Remember, sometimes new things feel weird and that’s ok! It shouldn’t feel comfortable to try something new. To get started we recommend embracing your natural texture or smoothing it out with a Blowdry if you want it more smooth before trying these styles. You will need clips and any accessories shown in the videos. Our fav styling product is the This Is A Dry Texturizer Spray. It’s perfect for finishing with a soft tousled texture and is great for all hair types.

Now, if you are on Instagram you want to check out this simple wavy hairstyle by Chantel. She’s created it with just a flat iron, clips and a couple products (notice the dry texturizer spray 😃).


For some inspiration we love these looks from Pinterest.

Changing your styling from day to day can be such a fun way to give yourself a little boost. If you want more support with styling tips book for a FREE CONSULT where one of our stylists can walk you through step by step a couple easy options for your home styling. ITS EASY BOOK HERE!

Have you heard about our confidence boosters? These are our featured products this month. Check out which products are sure to boost your self esteem!

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