Hi! I am Chantel and I thought I would share with you a summary of my WHY. As you may know I do a lot between running a business, caring and advocating for a medically complex child, writing, running and more. So many people comment on my life as they aren’t able to understand how I do it or why, amongst other things. Please take a minute to watch the video as I work from home in my office as raw as it comes. To give you a peak into my day so far this is what it has looked like:

4:30am rise and meditate

5:00am work in office on business

5:30am spend time with family and get kids ready for daycare

7:00am work from home office again on business

10:30am go to daycare to zoom with my son and a specialist from BCCH

12:30pm go home and work from office

1:30pm meeting

Afternoon – work at the shop behind the chair

Yes its busy. I love all of it. Why I write on this blog is a part of my WHY as mentioned in the video. I have found balance in my life embracing the ebb and flow and managing all the tough big emotions that come with life. I do not have it all figured out but I hope my journey inspires others to feel empowered to conquer their life and do life well.


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