We often get asked about if a partial or full dimensional service is required to achieve the desired end result. We like to approach this question with curiosity for two reasons. One, what do you have going on currently? Depending on how dramatic the difference is, a full color or dimensional service will be required to get similar results. Results will vary depending on the history of coloring services on that hair and if the hair will allow such a dramatic change without breakage (which we aren’t willing to compromise the hair’s integrity). Two, what will your budget allow? This is a question about what you are willing to spend not if you can afford it. Budget and what people choose to spend their money on varies from person to person. A full dimensional service can be pricey and it can feel like a lot of money if it doesn’t align with your hair goals. 7/10 times a dimensional partial is more than enough change for a person and often can get a client very close to their goals. So let’s dig into this a little further.

Here we have a client with a bob who has warm and brassy hair that is due for a touch up. She wants the color to be cooler but also would like for her foils to be brought up around her face. This is a partial dimensional service that retouches all the exterior parts of her hair and around her face. She does not have a lot of layers so she doesn’t need a ton of interior foil work. Putting interior foil work in her hair would not be cost effective or visually seen. If she wore her hair up alot or half up then interior color would be entirely beneficial for her.

Hair By Chantel

Here we have a guest who is part way through a big color change (also known as a color correction because she is choosing a dramatic change from magenta to neutral blonde). This is her second session and her appointment required a full head dimensional service as she didn’t want the back and underneath to be red and warm. So we opted for another full session. Moving forward this guest could get away with a partial session or a Enriched Session (enhancement/minor touchup).

Hair by Chantel

We always prioritize the integrity of the hair first. Healthy hair is happy hair and there is no reason to cause damage. We want that hair we just invested in to stick around!

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