Natural Beauty

We have welcomed a new hair product line into our family called Davines. We are super excited to have such a sustainable and ethical brand on our shelf. The products are incredible and they have a noticeable different effect on the hair. We carry a large selection of their sublines including the Essential Haircare, More … More Natural Beauty

Sustainable Initiatives

On Thursday Feb 1 we announced at our palm SPRING party some exciting news in regards to our new initiatives. For those of you who couldn’t make it we wanted to take the time to catch you up. At the event, I (Chantel) shared a little bit about my journey. You may know that last … More Sustainable Initiatives


The time has come for us to change our way of thinking. Why have we been charging 30-50% more for “Women’s” haircuts? HAIR KNOWS NO GENDER. Effective this week we have neutralized our price list. Haircuts will be charged according to time, length and detail needed. Some guests will now see a considerable about of … More NEUTRAL