It is that time of year again friends where we get so busy enjoying life that we forget to care for our locks. Listen up, if you take care of it now it wont be such a mess (or cost so much) to care for in the fall. Here are our top tips for keeping your hair healthy and making the color last this summer.

1- Protect and preserve your hair from the environment and exposing it to harsh situations such as chlorine, sun damage and fading, over washing and more.

How? Make sure you are using gentle cleansers if washing frequently such as DEDE shampoo or we have a great cleansing creme rinse which mildly removes residues without full washing. We recommend a cleansing creme for in between washes or the days the sweat becomes to much but its not a wash day! Dry shampoo whenever possible (and ask your stylist how to use dry shampoo effectively). Make sure that your hair products protect from sun damage with UV filters. We love the SU milk from Davines or the Sheer Glaze thermal fluid from Davines. When possible also wear your hair up so you aren’t exposing your hair to pool water and excessive sweat. Prevention is key so plan ahead!

2- Up your nourishment regiment with a deep treatment.

Don’t wait until you hair is depleted of luster to try and bring it back to life. Do what you can now to add any lost nutrients as they are happening with a weekly deep treatment. We love the Davines Naturaltech line of conditioners and masks. The line offers nourishing, replumping, and renewing all designed for specific hair needs. And for blondes the Intensive Treatment from the Heart of Glass line is incredible!

3- Get a haircut before it gets straggly and broken. If you start with split ends at the beginning of summer you will have to cut off much more in the fall than you expect to get it back to a decent condition. Getting it cut as a preventative measure and to maintain its health and integrity will set your hair up for better succes.

4- Know how to contact your stylist directly in case you have questions. Trust us when we say this. We would rather be a part of your hair’s health journey than to be the bearer of bad news when you come back in the fall for a “trim”.

5- Hats!! If you have invested in a great color in the past month or two and aren’t scheduled to get your hair colored until September/October invest in a great hat and scrunchy. Cover up your color whenever you can to prevent sun damage!

We wish you all the best on our summer hair journey and you can find us here every week with more hair and self care tips!

-The Funk + Co. Team

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