We thought it might be a good idea to share some reason why it is IMPORTANT to shop small businesses. Today we offer you 5 reasons:

CHARACTER – When you think about the richness of our community and what it has to offer it comes down to the personality as a collective whole. These unique shops create unique shopping experiences unlike anything offered in the corporate franchises. You can access the owners and often get to know the team that works there. These places put a lot of thought and effort into their customers experience and its felt.

CHANGE – The state of the country has been shifting and evolving the past few years. Where you spend your money matters. Small businesses support individuals, families and businesses in the community. Your money can bring change when you spend it and support your values. Your spending habits have impact on how our community changes for the future.

Their evidence highlights how a small 10 per cent shift in BC consumer spending towards independent businesses would create 14,150 jobs, while keeping $4.3 billion within the BC economy each year. Instead of having your money go to big businesses that won’t miss it, why not direct it toward improving your local community?

Small Business BC Article

COMMUNITY – We have all heard the phrase “it takes a village” and this is because we are always stronger together. When we can come together with action we are able to conquer greater things. We can build our resources and combine our energy. All hard things are made easier with a support network around you. Small businesses’ are an integral part of building and supporting our local resources. Creating employment for students, career workers, retirees is essential to having opportunity within our community. When we support local jobs we enrich our community.

CONVENIENCE – Yes shopping on amazon is super easy but being able to walk into a store and hand pick exactly what you want is an essential part of life. We can spend tireless hours scrolling online shops when at the end of the day what we need might be readily available in our dynamic community. When we can build the diversity in local businesses our accessibility to wonderful goods expands. Local shops are very accommodating to schedules, time lines and even custom orders!

REGENERATION – It’s time for us to start thinking about our communities evolution forward. The collective whole and what it looks like. Reducing our waste is no longer acceptable and even “sustainability” is not going to see us through in the long game. Being able to have a community that is green, future conscious and thriving means we need to understand what actions needs to be taken. To learn more about Regeneration we recommend KISS THE GROUND documentary. We at Chantel Funk + Co. are committed to moving forward in this direction along with brands like DAVINES and their joined initiatives like PLASTIC BANK. It’s the way forward.

Where you shop makes a difference to our future, to our today and it impacts the people of our community including you. You can support community businesses and small businesses by sharing their content, encouraging them with comments and attending events. Referrals and recommendations are always the greatest way any small business can grow and we thank you for all of yours!

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