This week in our weekly email we talked about common scalp issues and how your scalp could also be showing you signs of distress. Let’s revisit and talk about treatments.

-Hair Loss
• Hair loss can be a sign of underlying health conditions
• Hair follicle could require exfoliation from pollutants and impurities
-Nutritional Deficiencies/Medical Conditions
• Dandruff can be caused by bacteria and may require medicated treatment from a pharmacy
• Dandruff can be a sign of a severely dry scalp

All things being considered here are three simple steps to promote scalp health:

1. Brush your hair. Brushing your hair with a flexible densely packed brush everyday for 5-15 minutes will stimulate blood flood, remove dead skin and debris as well as a bonus treat it reduces stress by soothing the nerve endings attached to the head. We recommend an Isinis Brush. 

2. Use the right product. We love that there is so much information available for humans to self diagnose their issues and quickly google the solutions. However, like any medical condition a professional is always the right way to go. A professional can draw from experience and find the right solution or guide you to your doctor if that could be necessary. Choosing the right product can be overwhelming and sometimes can take a couple trials with different ones. Our shop offers free consultations and a 30 day exchange on hair product. Try it and if it doesn’t work exchange it for the next option. A great start to manage inflammation of the scalp regardless of the issue is with Davines Wellbeing Shampoo and Conditioner

These are great for all hair types and contain phytoceuticals extracted from Echinacea, rich in polyphenols and sugars, with a very strong
antioxidant power.

“The beneficial effect that some plants have on health, body
and mind balance has been known since ancient times. In
particular, plants also contain the so called phytoceuticals
(“phyto” means plant in Greek), biologically active compounds
providing defence and antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and
anti-radical properties. Experts say that these molecules
are also able to protect the systems of the human body; in
fact it seems that a lack of these elements in the diet could
be the origin of cell damage, premature ageing and many
types of diseases.
Therefore, we decided to use these active ingredients within
the Naturaltech formulations, since scalp conditions are
caused by inflammation or oxidation and, acting on the
origin of the issue, it can be counteracted in a more targeted
and effective way.
All phytoceuticals used in Naturaltech formulations are ICEA
certified (Italian Authority for organic certification).”


Another amazing product to start your healthy scalp journey is the RENEWING SERUM SUPERACTIVE
Longevity serum for all scalp and hair types. Helps maintain the well-being of scalp and hair, promoting longevity and the maintenance of natural beauty. Provides an intense anti-oxidant and preventive action against the signs of ageing. Helps to obtain a healthy and balanced scalp and, as a result, beautiful, strong and vital hair*. Also gives shine and silkiness to hair.
Active Ingredient:
Renewing Serum Superactive is enriched with Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide (scalp activator). The scalp holds certain good microorganisms that help keep the skin in good condition. The Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide works to support and increase the growth of these microorganisms.
How To Use:
After towel-drying hair, distribute the product on the scalp from the roots to the ends. Massage gently and comb through. Do not rinse out. Proceed to dry hair.
Application Frequency:
After each Renewing treatment.or conditioner.

3. Avoid leaving your scalp damp. If you like to air dry your hair avoid tying it back or squishing it between your head and a pillow while wet. Flash dry your scalp with a dryer or make sure your hair is 80% dry before tying it back or going to sleep. Moisture = Bacteria. If you hate blow drying your hair you might love our new tool the Marble Blowdry Brush. This was made for people who want quick and effective drying with little work. We find this dries the hair faster than a traditional blow dryer and the hair is softer and shinier.


Taking care of your hair should be simple. No one should have to suffer with irritated scalp. Let’s get you on a healthy scalp journey!

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