Happy Sunday everyone! It is time for us to shake off the winter blues and reclaim what is ours. Who is with me?

Somehow you have hard wired your brain to say some pretty terrible things about yourself. Not only that, you have put rules around what you are supposed to do, how you are supposed to act and about pretty much anything and everything. So here is your reminder to SHAKE IT LOOSE. We have dove into what limiting beliefs are on the blog before READ HERE so I am not going to get into what they are but rather what you need to do to refocus your life and work on that mindset.

  1. Your routine matters a whole heck of a lot. Why? Because it requires intentionality for your brain to actually create new neuropathways. Every habit you have consciously or unconsciously come from these neuropathways. When we get serious about telling ourselves affirmations or having a gratitude practice and do these daily, we teach our brain a new pathway. The more we frequent this pathway the more our brain will learn to take this pathway subconsciously. Any human who has great healthy habits that promote mental wellness have made it a part of their routine. It does require discipline however it can be created with small bite size amounts every day. Things that help:
    • Visual Reminders such as sticky notes, signs, photos, vision boards, words, objects.
    • Remove temptations that will distract you from your focus such as your phone during a time period, foods, items you may feel need urgently tending. Gain control over your mind by knowing its weaknesses.
  2. Know your goals and live into them every day. Yes, again this does take work however if it is your priority you need to act like it. If you want savings, you need to act like someone who saves. Don’t buy the coffee…. Things that help:
    • Pick a couple words, memorize them and put reminders of them around your life. For example: health, wealth, calm, peace, happy etc.
    • Get really specific about what you will look like when you achieve your goals. Make a list of what you will wear, eat, say, do, sleep, drive, smell like. List out all the details. This will help you visualize where you are going and remind you every day to work towards that.
  3. Manifest. This word works guys. When you start to think like the person you want to become you will automatically create this in your life. Does a person who is successful wallow in their misery? Do they complain? Does a person who is healthy think about all the food they wish they could eat? Or do they thrive on knowing about nutrition and find fulfillment in a balanced lifestyle? We cannot want something but then act like someone who doesn’t want that thing and expect it to happen for us. Everyone’s goals are unique but put this practice into your life for what it means for you and I assure you it will work. Meditate on your life and where its going frequently. Align yourself with who that person is in the future.
  4. Be your biggest chearleader. Be your own hype squad. Exude confidence in what you have endured, accomplished, survived, and championed. You have worked hard for this and you deserve a life of fulfilment. STOP putting yourself down and STOP allowing others to bring you down. If you catch yourself saying things in your head that aren’t things you would say to your best friend tell yourself to cut it out and quickly think of what you would say to your best friend.

Everyone has pain in their past and some of us still are going through hard things. But we all have to find a way through it. Get clear on what you want and do the work to get there. Stop limiting yourself, your abilities and the opportunities in front of you because of someone else’s opinion, what you think you should be doing or saying and just go get your life! I believe in you, you should too.


Do you have any questions?

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