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So I have been on a road of self discovery this year around limiting beliefs. It’s a new concept to me as I had never heard of them before. If I was to summarize what they are in my own words it would be this:
The lies about ourselves and what is meant for us that are adopted in our childhood and held by us as our own.
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That seems heavy doesn’t it? But it’s true when we sit down and think about it. We are taught so many things in our upbringing that we adopt as our own beliefs that we didn’t choose. It’s not that the people in our life didn’t have good intentions, it’s that these words that have been spoken to us have been internalized as our truth in order for us to be loved and accepted. Such as; be quiet, let the adults speak or instead of pursuing this you should do this because you are good at it. Whatever it has been that has been the narrative of your life you have allowed it to be the belief system in order to attain love from that person. These beliefs have been what have guided you to where you are now. They have dictated everything you have done and will continue to do so if you don’t make changes.
For me, I am still in the process of understanding entirely what my limiting beliefs are. The discovery of them can be so out of the blue. I can be getting ready for my day and thinking about the plan of what will unfold and I will catch myself saying “you can’t do that because _____” and the feeling that shows up is shame and unworthiness. As if to try and steer me in a direction. But here is what I have noticed. The more I try to change my life to what I want it to be, the more I discover these limiting beliefs that are not in fact what I have chosen. They are however my inner voice. Now that I am aware of this and can hear and see them when they show up, I am able to address them and re-wire my thought process.
“I can do this because it is what I need in order to be well and in turn be a good mother, leader and influencer.”
Being able to identify what you want from life and be clear about it makes all the difference. The guilt that shows up when you chase a dream, the shame you feel when you do something that makes you blissfully happy, IT ISN’T YOURS! And you can no longer allow it to be what dictates what you do, say or think.
I want you to pull out a pen and paper right now and physically write down what you believe about yourself. Not what you have learned to believe. Not what people have told you. What YOU believe for yourself? Be bold and courageous as you write them. For me it’s this:
I am meant to influence people in a big way.
What I have to share is a part of a bigger picture.
I am worthy of love.
I am deserving of everything I dream.
My identity is for me to choose and is not defined by my role in others lives.
These are just some of the things I choose for myself and that I whole heartedly believe. The voice in my head tells me a different story but that is not because it is truth. It is because as a child I had to do/be the things I was told in order to receive love. The more I spend my energy on light and love and positivity, the more my brain chooses positive thoughts and beliefs. This is actual science in how new neuropathways are created. Google it.
I hear a lot of you say you are content with your life, that your existence is meant to be someone for someone else. I am here to challenge you today to question those beliefs. I am here to tell you that it’s not truth. I am here to tell you that the road to release yourself from these limiting beliefs is hard and long and you will feel like giving in a thousand times to the negative self talk. I am also here to tell you that it gets easier because the more you do it the more it becomes habit. Once it’s habit, negative self talk and the opinions of others become intolerable. Just like anything you practice. Every time it gets easier and easier. You can do it. You are meant for more and what you have to offer the world is unique. The world is waiting for it and once you accept that you will be received with all the lightness and positivity you knew you deserved. It’s time to stop accepting anything other than amazing. It’s time to stop believing that this is it and you need to accept it. It’s time to take hold of your life and take a leap of faith on yourself.

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