Have you ever considered a panel of bright color? maybe you have even thought about coloring your whole head bright pink or another adventurous color? Adding a bright color (we call this a vivid) can be a simple process. There are two ways you can try a color depending on your exsisting hair.

Do you have blonde pieces in your hair already? Perfect, let’s put in a couple pastel pieces or maybe even a piece or two of something bright! This simple application gets applied right over your previously blonde section without any fuss.

Is your hair dark without any blonde pieces? This makes it a tiny bit longer of a process (we call it a double process) where we have to create a couple blonde pieces first with foils and then with a second application, apply your color bits. This double process takes about 3 times as long as someone who already has blonde bits but is still worth it! If a double process same day feels too overwhelming we recommend that at your next coloring appointment you add a couple pieces of blonde. At your second coloring appointment (you planned this one anyway for your regular color) you can then have the bright pops of color added to where you had the blonde put in.

Budget? What you need to know is that we will always customize our approach to best suit your budget. We have a wonderful group of stylists that offer a variety of price points and it works to everyone’s advantage! We can also charge services by our hourly rate if what you are wanting doesn’t quite fit our standard packages.

Product choice? We have everything from temporary, demi and permanent options. We love having lots of tools available to us. We primarily use ELUMEN which is a very innovative technology! You can read more about Elumen HERE.

Have questions? Book a consult with a stylist or email us!

Do you have any questions?

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