Let’s talk myths! Now the thing about a myth is you can’t be sure if they are true or false. Today we want to talk about them and what we recommend. Let’s take a look.

1- Hair color is damaging to your hair:

This is both false and true depending on the product choice and application. Hair is a variable that ranges from person to person and history of color needs to be considered. A good stylist will asses all areas of the hair and formulate according to the integrity of the hair, the history of color, the end goal in mind and several additional factors. When the hair is properly analyzed and the correct formulations are created the hair can maintain great health so long as the application is appropriate. Application is not always about the end results but often more so about the existing hair and its analysis. Hair that has been previously colored often requires more process to remove and it can be done slowly to avoid damage with the right products and meticulous application. Previously lightened (or bleached) hair can also be changed but can be very temperamental and caution must be considered. At our shop we have over 7 lightening products that can be formulated in a variety of ways to give our stylists lots of healthy options for changing the hair. So to summarize, when hair is analyzed, formulated and products applied with correct application hair can maintain its health.

2- Hair color is difficult to maintain:

It sure can be, but it can be low maintenance. What decides this? Several factors such as the process taken to create the color, the right product choice for your lifestyle as far as color product, home care products, washing vs dry shampoo and of course desired color. A good consultation before your appointment can assess what products and desired end results will be the right fit for your lifestyle. Be sure to also consult with your stylist about which products you should be using at home specific to your hair type/texture and your color appointment. The wrong shampoo or service at the salon can make or break the durability of your investment. Always ask lots of questions and have clear communication about your expectations before you start an appointment.

3- Switching hair color isn’t easy:

At our shop we don’t believe this to be true. That being said there is no magical potion to swap your color instantly. So the questions is rather “is it doable?” and also “what will it take to get there?” Your stylist is capable of incredible things behind that chair but sometimes it can take time, multiple applications/appointments and the appropriate budget for what is asked. Be patient and gracious with your hair and stylist and anything is possible!

4- Hair color won’t last long:

All hair is not created equal. For the average person durability is optimal for 4-6 weeks with most color. That being said some hair is more fussy and requires more frequent maintenance. Choosing the right color product for your maintenance plan is important and often needs some trial and error to figure out what is the right fit. All hair color fades, even virgin natural color!

That’s it for this week! Stay tuned for next week when we share our fav hair color maintenance home care products!

Do you have any questions?

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