Last we talked about all things true and false in regards to hair color. Today we are sharing about which home care products are our fav!

For Vivids:

Elumen Color Shampoo – with the lowest pH and formulated for the pigments used in the service you will be sure to get the most durability out of your investment! Nourishes the hair for a smooth & healthy hair feel. Maintains the exceptional Elumen color brilliance & vibrancy.

For Brunettes:

Minu Line – Illuminating and protecting products for coloured hair. Featuring shampoo, conditioner, mask and serum. The mask is regenerating and creates so much shine while keeping the hair soft and light. READ MORE HERE

For Blondes:

Heart of Glass – This line is seriously so good! Its focused on making the hair feel like silk while being strong and shiny. Clients feel a noticeable difference in the integrity of their hair right away! This line offers a shampoo, conditioner, intensive treatment, and thermal fluid.

For Special Care:

We offer such an extensive variety of products in store for all hair and scalp needs that are color safe! We even offer customized shampoo bars for different hair types.

Ask your stylist which products are right for you and be sure to get your hands on some samples. We believe that color should be no fuss and we want to be sure you love yours (including as you experience it at home). Thanks for following along with us every week!

Do you have any questions?

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