So often in consultations we hear “Oh I can’t do that because it will cost too much to maintain” or “oh man, to get that done would cost a fortune!” But the truth of the matter is a good stylist will be able to give you options in different price ranges that are working towards your ultimate hair dream goal. Guests often walk into consultations with one look in mind, unavailable to new ideas or innovative ways to approach a similar look. This closed mindedness creates very little opportunity and limits what is achievable for less $. Today we thought it would be cool to give you five tips on how to get great salon services for less $ without feeling like the stylist is cutting corners or having to compromise the quality of the service.

1- Be Open Minded. Easier said than done but an experienced stylist will make you feel at ease about the possibilities and give you a range of services that could support your goal. Having one set goal in mind will hinder the creativity and ultimately cost you a lot more because of the specific steps required to achieve that specific look. For example, lets say you have previous color in your hair and you want a balayage specific to a photo. The stylist has to formulate specifically for your existing hair color situation and section according to what you have going on to get the results exactly or very close to the image you brought in. This takes time and in turn costs money. Now, in contrast if you were to say ” I like this tone and transition in this look but I would prefer my budget to be $___” a stylist can give you options as to how to approach this look. One option may be to do face framing balayage the first session so the color around your face looks like the photo and in the next session 4-6 months later (depending on preferred budget) the stylist can focus the energy of that appointment on the back and just simply retouch the front. Regardless of what the situation is if you bring an open mind to a consultation your stylist can be a lot more creative on were to spend their time to meet your budget preferences.

2- Enhance What You’ve Got. Beauty truly is in owning your uniqueness and your budget will thank you for working with its natural tendencies than pushing the limits. For example if you have dark hair and your hair tends to go brassy, choosing rich and warm tones (without the brass) will be much more cost effective than trying to be really light and clear/ash in tone. Maybe you have curly hair and you want this perfectly seamless color melt, because of your curls your hair will take more time for application to get a blended look. We would recommend more free hand ribbons of color that enhance your curls and look more sunkissed. This will save time and in turn money.

3- Know What Suits Your Lifestyle. If you wear your hair up 24/7 why are you asking for your full head to be colored with a meticulous blonde balayage? We suggest coloring your hair to where you are at with life. Just because “traditionally” hair services would be the full kit and kaboodle doesn’t mean that for todays modern human you need to have every strand on your head colored. Ask for color that is high impact and put it where you see it.

4- Choose Hourly Rate. Not every stylist offers this however it is the way of the future. If your budget allows for one hour of the stylist’s color application time go with that! See a great stylist who can meet you where you are at. We have guests who want the world but when given the option to have as much work as manageable in the time limit they often opt for that over a full session package. Savings can be huge but you have to be flexible with result. A great stylist who is up to date on trends and education will have repertoire of application options to get results depending on what you have going on with your current color.

See here, the before and after is a wonderful change. This guest had a few foils, toner and cut and with our Elite Masterstylist Chantel this all in was $200.

5 – Subscribe Your Hair. This concept is working for our community. It’s simple. Plan your hair appointments for the year with your stylist, minus 10% of the service price and make the total cost divided by 12 monthly payments. This savings is wonderful but on top of it you get free wash and style appointments, 10% off all retail purchases plus free gifts and exclusive promotions! Monthly payments can be as low as $50!

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