Well, August was a blur. I don’t know about you but I am stoked for routine. It has been aching in my bones for a while haha.. I have not been consistent with this blog and for that I apologize but I thought it would be fun for me to share a bit of a glimpse into what I have been up to and how I plan to kick start my fall and planning for 2022.

August Recap:

My family took a vacation at the end of July and we have not done that as a family of four (my youngest being two). It was incredible and I came home feeling whole and renewed. That being said it was a full leap into chaos that I was not prepared for. The business was incredibly slow in the summer since everyone was away on vacation with restrictions opening up and it meant I needed to bust my butt to keep our company and the team we employ moving forward. It meant long days behind the chair and getting our online store revamp up quicker than I anticipated. All wonderful and good things. On the home front we have been preparing our son who has a chronic health condition and learning disabilities for kindergarten. What an exciting thing! I knew it would be a challenge to get everything organized from BC Children’s Hospital, Fraser Health, Child Development Center and our school so we went into it doing our best. We still are waiting for a few things but I can say I am able to breath a little easier with the bulk of it behind us. I don’t think we did a ton in August to enjoy the summer but that is okay. I have decided that my family is not a hot weather family and we thrive in spring and fall. So I am headed into a few days off and then next week back into our rhythm of life and I am so dang excited.

New for the shop:

We have some exciting new self care goods that I wanted to be sure to share with you. And more things coming! Available online or in store. Click the link to view.

We will be launching in the next few days our Hair Subscriber Program for 2022 and I cannot wait to share more with you about it. We will have info coming out in social but also make sure to subscribe to our YOUTUBE to be sure you see the latest videos!

How I Kickstart Fall and 2022 Planning:

Schedule what is important including self care items. The more intentional we can be about priorities the much more likely they are to happen.

Set boundaries for yourself. This includes but is not limited to your thoughts, your spending habits, your emotional triggers and anything you know will distract you from your “ideal life or self.” One boundary I have been working on is not allowing my head to spiral. That means I can think about something in my journaling but unless something needs to be done or it effects me in that moment I do not dwell on the topic as I move through my day.

Get clear on your objectives, targets or goals. I like the word objective because it sounds more attainable and language is everything. Goals feel like if you don’t aim right you are going to miss. Ya feel me? I like to get so descriptive that I can actually visualize what it will look and feel like. I create storyboards or vision boards and put them where I will see them everyday. I use clear words on them to shift my thinking. I always set themes that I am working on in both my personal life and my professional life. Right now I am focusing on shifting to more plan based lifestyle and expanding my run lengths towards 40k. For work I am focusing on expanding my knowledge on what it means to have a shop that is accessible to a variety of humans and how that can be made possible, always striving to be more inclusive and I acknowledge the shop and I are both not there yet.

Out with the old and in with the new. When things change it can be so easy to stay stuck in a negative mindset. When I change my planner, notebook, furniture or things like that it helps me to see that evolution can and is happening. To be present and not to allow myself to continually be reminded of negative thoughts. When things don’t go as planned I find visual reminders of this trigger me and cause me a ton of distraction and I am less productive!

I hope this finds you well and if you love what I have shared please share it on your social media as well as comment below so I know folks are actually reading these 🙂


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