Living your best life this summer could mean your hair takes a hit! Make sure you are equipped with the essentials.

Hair Hit #1 – Chlorine // We recommend the SU Hair and Body Wash to remove chemical impurities from the hair and scalp while maintaining the color and moisture. This convenient travel size is currently stocked and awaiting your bag!

Hair Hit #2 – Sun Damage // Sun damage can cause your color to fade and go brassy. It can also cause the hair to be drier than usual. We recommend the SU Hair Milk after washing to revive hair and prevent UV damage. 3-4 sprits following your shower will do.

Hair Hit #3 – Dryness // Although we live in the rainforest our summers can be especially drying to the hair and this can be especially noticeable when you head back to the salon in September. Make sure your hair is getting the nutrients it needs with Oi Conditioner and Oi Oil. These are great for all hair types and we recommend applying the oil after washing and conditioning on towel dried hair. 1-2 pumps is sufficient. These products are specifically formulated with Roucou oil which has a high ratio of nutrition per ml. It will never build up in the hair, only leaving the hair less tangly, less frizzy with more shine.

Hair Hit #4 – You have less care to style it // This isn’t going to cause stress to your hair but it may eat at your soul. Everyone has a different routine in the summer and having to spend too much energy with your hair is a hassle. We recommend trying to embrace your natural texture with Seasalt Spray. This is a texturizing damp spray that is meant to give your hair more of a starched feeling. You can’t go wrong with a travel size to give it a try. **Extra Tip** – for anyone with frizzy hair try layering this in your hair before using a smoothing product.

Hair Hit #5 – Camping Hair // We recommend upgrading your current dry shampoo OR additing a good one into the mix. With Davines new Invisible Dry Shampoo your hair will feel fresh! Apply to root area all over in small sprays, massage in and brush out. Be sure to exfoliate your scalp with the brush to get the best clean. Just because you are in the bush, you can still have great hair!

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