Being a foodie brings inspiration and breathes life into me! I enjoy both cooking and eating. What is the point of life if not to enjoy such a simple pleasure as food? Today I thought I would share a little more in depth with you about my journey with pasta making, what I love, what has not worked and more.

I am a big fan of documentaries and SALT FAT ACID HEAT was recommended to me by a colleague so I dove right in. It was an incredible series about all things food. This docu-series was less focused on nutrition and more focused on taste (perk!) Here is a super cute clip of Samin who created the docu series from her book. This video is not the netflix series but it is pretty funny and you get to see how to make the pasta!

My family loves pasta and we eat it at least once a week. Before I started making it homemade I was unaware of the nutritional value pasta has. It is a good source of protein all on its own! Making it from scratch you know everything that is in it. The process does not take very long.

When I made my first well for the eggs I invited my kids to help me and I was super overwhelmed with it being my first time. I didn’t make the well high enough and it went out the side. Funny enough the goal is to just mix it all around which was still very doable. Tip – make your well big enough in radius so the fluid isn’t as deep and the pressure of it running over is reduced!

This picture was the first time and the well is very small in radius and the fluid is almost at the top. Don’t make the same rookie mistake.

Another issue I had was making sure it was foured enough when I kneaded it and when I rolled it out. After kneading the eggs together make sure to let it rest. I give mine about 15 minutes before rolling it out. Flour your surface 10x what you think you need to and keep ensuring the dough isn’t stuck to the counter. You want to roll it out super thin so it is translucent. Tip – cut your dough into about 8 pieces before rolling out instead of one big sheet of dough. From there, how you decide to make your pasta shapes is super fun. The second time I made pasta I tried a variety of options vs the first time (remember I was overwhelmed) I made just thick noodles (far too thick but still yummy). Some folks recommend fancy tools to cut your noodles but I find it more interesting to hand make them.

Here is a photo of my first set of noodles. I had rolled out all the dough together and it was super big and frustrating. The dough didn’t get rolled thin enough but the noodles still were delicious!
Here is an image of my second experience. I had made the dough in the morning and covered it to sit in the fridge for when I got home. I recommend for future to use a damp cloth to wrap rather than a dry one. They still turned out great. I tried a few different shapes including bows. I prefer malloredus and it can be easily created with a fork. Check out this cool video below as well as a post I enjoyed learning from.


I hope you decide to give this a try as a fun activity to do with a loved one! If you do be sure to tell me about it.

– Chantel Funk

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