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The common question “Why does my hair get so brittle?” Summer can bring a new routine, reduction of self care regiments and drier weather. It is expected that hair is going to take a back seat when your at the beach or up a mountain. If you find yourself asking this question you are at the right place.

Brittle hair is caused for a few different reasons:

1- Lack of nutrients. Hair is made up of a collection of nutrients that are output by your body. A healthy body should create lustrous hair that requires little from the hair care regimen in theory. For most of us we may be low in nutrients from lifestyle, nutritional input, dna or about 349392384 other reasons. Whatever the reason it can be because of an internal concern and it may be worth talking to your doctor or naturopath about. It could be a simple change in vitamins that makes your hair supple again. Other reasons that nutrients may be lacking are because of external loss of nutrients through the washing/drying routine, exposure to sun or environmental hazards, and heat styling. If you are using professional products and take great care of your hair you may need to change your products. Any prolonged change in weather, routine or care can cause stress on the hair and cause the nutrients to slip out. Curly hair is most prone to going brittle and is usually because it is lacking elasticity! Get a great curl line in your regiment and all will be well.

2- Damage to the hair can also cause your hair to be brittle. This can happen from chemical processes, heat and styling as well as using too harsh of cleansing products. Products are not made equal and no exact recipe is perfect for everyone. When damage has occured it is best to get a good haircut and discuss with your stylist if a change in your hair care is needed to address the current issues with your hair.

3 – Overuse of products. We have had brittle hair come into the salon numerous times and be diagnosed with the overuse of oil. Some oils are too heavily formulated and when overused the hair loses its ability to absorb and release water. Oil and water are not friends so be sure the oil you are using is the right formula for your hair. Another reason for brittle hair due to over using products is the presence of wax. Some conditioners are created with a heavy percentage of wax. This residue can build up on your hair and create a barrier. When the hair loses its ability to absorb and release water, it loses the ability to gain moisture and nutrients from natural oils produced from the scalp and hair products.

Hair is not an exact science and can vary from one head to another. The best way to avoid your hair going brittle is to have regular trims, 2-5 times a year. Use great products that are formulated to maintain your hair’s health. Most importantly, don’t over process your hair with color.

If your hair is brittle and its changed over the summer it’s likely because of the heat and change of lifestyle. Nothing a good trim and a treatment can’t help with!

Do you have any questions?

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