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Time is a funny thing. We often feel we don’t have enough of it and yet we don’t acknowledge its value and where we spend it. Time can feel like it goes so slowly and it can feel like a race car zipping by. As we head into a busy season we encourage you to carve out a time slot to review your schedule and map out your time so you can move through your upcoming weeks with clarity.

For this exercise:

1- Fill out a calendar that is blocked by hours in a week. Note your work hours (average if not regular), your home time, activities and extracurricular time, and any other regular activities. Once your schedule is complete, group specific items by a category and calculate how many hours for each group. Don’t forget to calculate sleep and free time.

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2- Once you have the hours calculated, find their percentage of time for the week and create a circle graph. This visual reference is helpful at figuring out what percentages are allocated where.

It may surprise you to see where you spend your time. Our spare time gets eaten up quickly when we are unorganized or unclear of what we want for our life. Here are some ideas on how to sharpen up your time management.

  • Make a list of activities or tasks you want to prioritize such a rest, art, dance, reading, gardening etc.
  • Schedule two hours a week for tasks you have been putting off, plan ahead and be intentional.
  • Utilize family time to come together around things like cleaning the house, making meals, games while driving to teach kids practical skills and responsibilities alongside you.
  • Outsource or split tasks when one person feel overwhelmed and re-evaluate if something can be reduce.
  • Set a timer for tasks so you stay focused and do things efficiently. When items are broken down by 5-15 minutes they don’t feel so overwhelming.

We hope you found this activity helpful. Be whole this season. With love, the Funk + Co. Team.

For more information on time management and statistics we found this article interesting CLICK HERE

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