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If you were born after the year 2000 you may not know about the epic books Choose Your Own Adventure. A children’s game book where the reader got to decide what happened next. They were fun! This fall if you are looking to find a new look we recommend taking a risk with a new trend. On the internet there has been a trend to blindly choose the hair outcome. Here is an example by our stylist Ali:

What we love about this is YOU can choose the options we play with. How daring or subtle you get to decide the boundaries. This works for any color theme. How to start, decide what the total look could be such as, blonde, dark blonde, brunette, copper, vivid. Pick two. Second, find a couple of inspiration looks within both of your choices and common descriptive words within them. Words like, blended, dimensional, solid, chunky, contrast, opalescent and so on. Working with your stylist on options can also be helpful, they may have some suggestions you had not considered.

Even if you don’t want to stray too far from your usual color a different toner, face framing or lowlights could make a fun change.

Happy Hairventuring!

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