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We are pretty big advocates of self care + good hair around here. So, we asked our team what they do for self care. Here’s what they said:

Ali – “I like to read and bake.” She describes self care as “doing something you enjoy without there being a timeline to complete it.”

Jill – “Self care is prioritizing time for yourself and what you need to have energy for the day or week ahead. My self care includes: sewing, going on dog adventures, reading/ listening to books and usually an early bed.”

Chantel – “I think self care is about making sure your cup is full, your needs are met and you get some lighthearted moments. I like to have time to myself, run, go to my wellness appointments and have my hair done haha!

Self care has been around since ancient Greece, has been more popular since civil right movements in the 1950’s and today it is widely recognized to reduce chronic health conditions and promote overall wellness. If you ask anyone, self care routines can tend to yo-yo but some folks get fairly good at creating consistent self care as a non-negotiable discipline. Here are three tips we recommend for taking care of your self.

  1. -Identify what you enjoy and what helps you to thrive in your life. Reassess as needed.
  2. – Don’t confine your self care to specific times of the day but rather make smaller goals like 5-30 mins per day, whenever that can happen.
  3. Make showing up for yourself a non-negotiable.

We look forward to hearing about your journey towards wellness and we wish you all a fantastic week!

-Team Funk + Co.

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