Today I want to talk about the power of choice when you feel your life is out of your control.
Every week I roll ideas around in my head as to what I want to write about and what I think my readers will find most helpful and inspiring. For any of you who know me, you know that my son is immunocompromised and that Covid has made 2020 a very difficult year for all the dreams my family has had for our life. The common thread has been frustration around everything that has been out of our control and the constant need to find solutions when the usual choices aren’t available to us. What always makes life worse (in our head) is the idea that everyone else gets to do (that thing) but we don’t. Have you ever been there too? Maybe it’s “our friends always get to travel on these elaborate vacations and we just can’t afford it” or maybe it is that “Suzy is doing so well at her job and just got promoted but I can only work part time because I have kids and she doesn’t.” There are a thousand things we want for our lives and sometimes it just feels like the most impossible thing. Am I right?
The most common response to this is to give up. We give up on our dreams and our routine or the new habit we desperately wanted to keep. I can say for certain and I am sure you can relate, that if I was doubting my ability to achieve something for my life and the road got difficult I would believe it wasn’t for me. That it was a sign I shouldn’t pursue it. THIS IS NOT TRUTH. The real truth is, if we want something are we willing to see it through no matter what? Are we willing to go the extra mile? This is the difference for those who have the lives they dreamed of and those who do not. This is the power of choice. A choice is actually a habit. We have the control in our life through every decision but we believe the lie that we do not. We believe that because the universe makes it hard and continues to throw a wrench in our plans that we must then give up. But guys, this is our choice. Let me say it for the folks in the back. WE HAVE THE CHOICE! See how it is up to us? We can choose to give up and take a different path or we can choose to stand strong in what we want, keep our eyes on the shoreline and keep swimming. Good things are always hard.

I let my hair air dry, skip my makeup and grab the first clothes I can find because I don’t have the time.

Do you see how I choose this? I don’t even think about it some days but if I want to lead my team well and make my dreams come true I need to have more intention in my choices. Choosing to believe these lies and allow them to run my life will not get me where I want to go. The issue is my internal subconscious and the lies that are rooted down deep and need work and intention every day. We have to be intentional about this every day from the moment we wake up. 

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