Pictured is our Owner Chantel Funk – Photo by Aleks Sharpe Imagery

A message from Chantel:

I know a lot of you are doing all you can in this season. It’s both exciting and overwhelming, hard and joyful! This is life as we know it. I believe all of it is best shared with other humans. As we all move through fall 2021 I want you to be reminded of just how special you are. You matter. Your story matters. Here is a little clip (available at 3pm Vancouver time) from me to you.

On a further note:

I believe in the power of story. We learn from other’s story as well as are entertained and find joy in other’s stories. This is why I love to share with you here. To come together and connect with each one of you. This fall at Chantel Funk + Co. we want to foster further connectedness in small in-person groups. A place were we can have open discussion about specific topics. We can bridge the gap and reduce the feeling of being alone. I am not a professional therapist or a doctor. I cannot offer professional advice or knowledge on these topics but together we can share our stories and navigate both the good and bad together. I hope you will join me and our community for our new group events called CONNECT. We hope to offer these every month so long as people are interested! We will be hosting a variety of topics and are launching our first event with MENTAL HEALTH October 19th at 7-8pm. I hope you will join us and please note that space is limited. Covid protocols are still in place from June 2020 (and are working effectively so far).


I know for me Mental Health has been a strange thing to navigate, it has been a lot of unknown and a lot of soul searching. I have found things that I was unaware of with the help of my therapist from Eterna Counselling and Wellness and expanded my knowledge through books and online learning. It has been hard and devastating at times. Mental Health is something every human experiences and all of our stories are unique. For the month of October we are going to be hosting a giveaway for a free cut with me for anyone who submits their story about mental health via email until October 15th. You can send in the form below. We want to anonymously share stories from our community through the month of October to increase awareness and reduce the stigma. We are all human and we share this experience. Let us come together, encourage one another and share in the joy and sorrow of life!


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