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Living a life more beautifully and enjoying the moments in between means (for us) that cooking is something to be more intentional about. With the busyness of each week we recommend setting aside one meal that you can be fully present for. Light a candle, put on some smooth vibey music and have fun.

5 things you can add into your meals that will change your palette simply.

1- Balsamic Vinegar // This is a great addition to marinades for roasted veggies or meat, to salad dressings and even cooked dishes. Adding 1 tsp to one of your fav recipes can make a big twist in the taste. If you find vinegar offensive we recommend adding something sweet into that same recipe such as jam or honey.

2- Stonewear // When you are used to a traditional glass or metal pan/dish switching to a stonewear is a great way to elevate the taste. Over time your stonewear will season and it creates a wonderful flavour to your fav dishes. We recommend Pamper Chef and you can start with just a cookie sheet style.

3- Fresh Basil // Basil is traditionally used in Canada as a pasta sauce ingredient but when we take a closer look at its flavour profile it is very flexible. This month in Rachel Ray In Season Magazine there is a recipe for Basil Sugar. This is a wonderful addition to sweet breads. Basil can also be a wonderful addition to salads and marinades.


4 – Pistachios // If you love salty toppings or tend to reach for cheese you can switch to pistachios for that added flavour. These give a great crunch but are also packed with nutrients. They also make a wonderful snack while you are preparing your meal!

5 – Citrus // Adding fresh citrus juice to any dish will be sure to perk you up. For salad dressing make sure to mix 1 part olive oil, 1 part citrus juice and 1 part honey or agave. Add seasonings like garlic and cumin to enhance the flavour. When marinating we recommend adding salt to your marinade to offset the sugar and acidity. Some great options are limes, oranges, and grapefruit.


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