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Times are bonkers here in Abbotsford. That is not news if you live here. But it can also be hard to escape the constant stress and fatigue. There is nothing more healing than a bit of fun and a good laugh. As someone who often likes to be away from the city and in the middle of nowhere I wanted to share some ideas on how you can create a little fun wherever you are. It is important to make space for FUN!

  • Play a game. My fav is cards. My husband and I love playing a game called Shanghai Rummy (it is kind of similar to phase 10). We don’t keep points as we have been playing this for well over a decade. It has been super cool to see each other get into a game “style” or improve on our weaknesses and blind spots. Keep a deck of cards in your vehicle or bag so you always have them on hand. Maybe you just play a simple game of memory by yourself but whatever you decide it can be more fun than mindlessly scrolling the interweb.
  • Dance, I know it seems cliche. Music can be so fun to let loose to and it can speak to your soul in a way nothing else can. I love to dance with my kids when we are in the middle of super tough moments and it feels like a circus. It helps us to refocus with intention rather than being consumed by our big emotions or anxieties. Once we let off some steam we can usually get back to the good stuff in stead of crazytown.
  • Sit and observe people or animals and tell stories about their lives. It so funny to imagine what people are out and about doing or what a duck might be thinking. When with a friend you can trade turns line for a line to make a story. These can be very memorable!

If you aren’t finding a ton of fun in your every day, look for the moments in between “life” and you will find ample opportunity to create fun. I believe a fulfilled life is being able to hold both sorrow and joy at the same time. You deserve to enjoy your life.

Lastly, what is the point of any of it if we aren’t having a good time?


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