Photo Via Unsplash by Tim Mossholder

Wow, talk about a season change! Most of us are experiencing season weather changes and it can bring a variety of challenges with our skin and hair. Today we wanted to target one common issue most people navigate when the weather is more humid: GREASE! Not everyone has this response but if your hair is fine or your scalp is unbalanced this can be the most frustrating problem. Here are a few tips to minimize the struggle and give you back the hair you love.

REBALANCING SHAMPOO This shampoo is designed to address the problem at the foundation. Its natural formula uses lemon phytoceuticals to balance the sebaceous glands as well as re-creating a healthy microbe system (kind of like a healthy gut with probiotics). It is great at reducing inflammation and making your scalp feel fresh and clean.

REBALANCING TREATMENT Up your game with this sebum reducing scalp treatment for a noticeable difference! This treatment is also soothing for scalps that are irritated.

Don’t over wash your hair! By constantly stripping your hair with deep cleansing products your scalp will be confused and think it needs to produce more. Instead try using a DRY SHAMPOO to stretch the days between washing or a SCALP SCRUB that is safe and effective for a more purifying effect that is safe for your scalp.

We recommend styling products that help to reduce oils at the scalp and promote texture such as the TEXTURIZING DUST and DRY TEXTURIZER SPRAY. These products are great year round but will be sure to keep the moisture at bay. You can also add dry shampoo to areas that are most prone to getting greasy when you style your hair after washing as a preventative measure. Just massage in and don’t brush out.

“One thing to consider when you are prone to greasy hair is to blow dry. When the hair is left wet the natural microbe of the scalp can be upset and allow to grow unhealthy bacteria. Not everyone experiences this however, blow drying your hair will give it a fresh start.” – Chantel

We hope you found this helpful and as always you can book a free consultation with any of our stylists to discuss your hair concerns and find solutions that work for you.

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