It has become increasingly common amongst the people we pass in our day to day are experiencing depression and anxiety. It is something I have dealt with in my life and I think it is important to talk about. Not one person should have to face life alone. The stigma around mental health is devastating and it pisses me off. People feel that it is uncomfortable to talk about and typically don’t ask for help when they really need it. Accessing support should be something we celebrate and encourage! As always I like to share my experiences in the hope that someone else might find it encouraging. I am not a mental health professional but I am someone who navigates whole health every day. Here is a video I made to give some insight on my story and why I believe change is needed in our communities. As well, why I believe life is worth fighting for.

The summary of the video is this. It is your life and at the end of it what do you want to look back and think? Are the choices you are making today with that in mind or are you just taking what comes your way and trying to stay afloat? The state of our mental and whole health is not something we get to choose, it is different for everyone and a lot of the time affected by so many things out of our control. We can however ask for help, find new resources, try different tools and fight like hell for a life we enjoy and are proud of. I want to challenge you to take a second look at what you have going on and decide are these things a hell yes? or are they something you want to stop investing in and focus your energy elsewhere?

You deserve to find happiness even with the sorrow. You have the power to make change in your life. It isn’t easy but it is worth fighting for.

-Chantel Funk

Eterna Counselling & Wellness

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