Photo by Joel Mott on Unsplash

Who has the winter blues? A great way to kick that is by change. Often this time of year folks dive into “spring cleaning” or start planning projects and holidays. Hair is another great way to shift your mood. Today we are giving you five ways to change your hair that are both quick and cost effective – yay!

1- Fringe and Face Framing – We offer free appointments for existing guests! Check out some of these looks for ideas.

2- Color Glazing – Essentially this is a toner in salon or a use-at-home conditioner treatment. A fun and semi-permanent way to try something new. These colors typically last 4-12 shampoos depending on the intensity and porosity of the hair.

3- Hair Accessories – Busy? On the go part of the day? Hair accessories are a great way to look stylish but also tuck that hair away for the no fuss days. Check these out!

4- Hair Frosting – This trend is oh so subtle and great for a mini appointment on virgin hair or solid existing colors. A color like this is a classic and takes very little time at the salon with your stylist. A light face framing, hand painted balayage.

5- Natural Texture – We have spent days and days slaving over our hair and we are all over it. Softer and more character will be a trend this year and we are here for it. Let your hair express itself, let loose. To find the right products for your natural texture, see a stylist for a complimentary consultation to walk you through options.

All photos are sources from Google and Unsplash.

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